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  1. Yep, this is exactly what was happening in my file. I have sent the issue to the Chief team and I'm sure they will figure it out. I did tell them that it works flawlessly in the closed off rooms and I look forward to having such a tool.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I don't have any rooms above. I will get back into the plan later today and double check everything and then submit a bug report if still having issues. thanks! BTW, it worked flawlessly in the bedroom. It's an awesome tool and definitely glad to have it!
  3. I haven't. I thought I'd see if anyone else ran into it. And the last time I commented on something, I had a Chief rep give me answers, so I figured they would chime in. I'll probably go ahead and submit something to them.
  4. I used the 'auto tray' tool for the first time tonight. In a master bedroom it worked fantastically. However when I went to use it in the Great Room I was working on it kept messing up. I had set the room to 10' and wanted the ceiling to tray up to 11'. Instead of recessing the tray and creating the 11' height it brought the ceiling down to 9' and brought the tray to 10'. It gave a warning of: the ceiling platforms above this tray are at different heights. One thing I noticed is I had used a few room dividers to close off and create the Great Room. If I draw over those with interior walls, the tray works exactly as it should. But the moment I make those invisible, the warning pops up again and the tray grabs exterior walls around the adjacent areas creating a perimeter around the Great Room, Kitchen, and Dining. You can see the bedroom in the back of the pic, the auto tray worked great. And in the foreground, the auto tray ignored room dividers and brought the ceiling down to 9' but left the walls up at 10' along with the actual trays. Very odd! Note: All 3 rooms here are set to 10' ceiling heights. X12 beta.
  5. Lived in the area for a few months last year and thinking about returning. Any idea of salary? Seattle is an expensive area of the country and I'd like to know the pay before applying. thanks, Tony Wright
  6. We've finally decided on where to move. We've gone back and forth too many times and we like Northwest Arkansas. Just curious if there are chief users down there and what plan work is like in the area. Also veteren users, curious how I might go about fitting into a new area where most people use architects for their plans. Any ideas on getting my own business in and keeping up or competing? Thanks!
  7. Hey Paul, I see this was 3 years ago, but I'm going to be moving to NW Arkansas in a couple months and would like to grow my clientele. Let me know if you are still in the business and need any help. Thanks.
  8. Craig, I'll be in NW Arkansas soon. I know it's a bit, but if you still need help let me know.
  9. I worked in Omaha and lived in Council Bluffs. Did you get set up?
  10. I have upgraded to the latest version of Chief Premiere (10) and recently had seen someone selling an older version even though they still had 10. Is this possible? I don't need v7 for any reason, I guess I figured it was all under the same serial number. Thanks for your help!
  11. Yeah. I was figuring I probably can't use them. I haven't asked. I know it's weird, but I figure they'd just see it as competition and say no. They're really paranoid and weird about it. Not like standard level. Like they didn't want to tell me the name of a builder that was in the office cause they were afraid I'd steal them.
  12. Thanks David. I agree, they can have the plans. I did the rendering work and believe it to belong to me. At the very least be able to use it as examples of my work.
  13. I just left a job at a house plan business. They have a website that sells house plans on the internet. While I worked there, one of my jobs was to create renderings for each house plan for the website and marketing material. Do I have any rights to that rendering work? I would like to use some of the images for examples of my work to advertise to contractors and future clients to show them what I can give them. Can I use the images or do i need permission even though I created them while working for someone else? We never had a contract that said anything about renderings. Just not sure if I can use the work as examples. TIA.
  14. My family is looking to start traveling as my wife takes a traveling nursing job. With this we'd stay in an area for 3-4 months. I'd like to keep drafting as I grow my knowledge of Chief Architect and different drafting styles. I'd like to be able to network with people and companies all over the country to be able to help out with any excess drafting/rendering needs they may have. I'd basically be a sub-contractor. Am I crazy for thinking this is possible? I'm excited at the possibility of growing my skills and abilities to serve those that need drafting services. Let me know what you think! Any leads would be great as well! Thanks!
  15. You can get a nice 2 story in CO Springs for around 250k though. Its not too terrible there yet.