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  1. Thanks for replying Renerabbit. I have no images or PDFs in the layout. See drive link. We have not finished this drawing set, so most of the pages are blank, but it is still slow.
  2. I have read most of the previous posts on this, so I am familiar with the suggested workarounds. My company has layout files with 50+ sheets. The problem is, working in a layout is SLOW. We're talking 45 seconds plus just to move a text box on the sheet. The only workaround that actually stops this problem is to convert the renderings to "plot lines." This seems like a major flaw in the software, considering all the renderings are "update on demand." The renderings do not need to be refreshed all the time and I do not understand why they are affecting the speed of the layout. While I can conti
  3. @BrownTiger This has pointed me in the right direction. Do I have to have two separate text boxes on two different default sets for two different scales? Or can I simply scale the text size from the layout?
  4. Good afternoon all, I have a floor plan of a 12,000 S.F. commercial building at 1/8" scale. The text fits perfectly and looks good in this layout. However, when I do a detail of the bathroom at 1" scale, the room labels and text are GIANT. What is the simplest way to change the text size to be uniform at printed size regardless of the scale? Or do I have to create new layer sets and draw new dimensions and text boxes manually? Thanks.
  5. Figured it out!! I deleted the interior paint color layer, and the drywall wraps around the window opening. No fir framing texture. Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks for your fast reply Eric. I am using a standard Siding-6 Wall. I tried with the Brick-6 Wall, and you are right, it works. I then modified the Brick-6 Wall to remove the brick and have the same siding as the Siding-6 Wall. That worked. I do not understand how both these walls can have the same parameters and one of them gives you the drywall return and the other gives you the exposed fir framing texture. What wall setting triggers the drywall return in the brick vs the wood framed construction?
  7. Is there a time effective way to do drywall returns? The attached image is the look I am going for, which I had to do with polyline solids. I have tried all the solutions in this forum. 1. I am not interested in workarounds (polyline solids, molding profiles, window treatments) 2. Simply turning off the frame has the fir framing exposed. See second image. I do not want
  8. Thanks Mick and Mark! I just set up the reference floor set, and this is going to work perfectly!! Cheers, Chris.
  9. Good evening everyone, hope you are all well! I have had this problem for awhile and I have searched the forums for this issue before. The living room shown in the jpeg is a 2-story height space in a tiny home (84" first floor, 60" Loft). I want to have the electrical layout displayed on the ground floor and also have the recessed lights in the vaulted ceiling in the floor above. The problem is the vaulted ceiling is drawn on the 2nd floor. The obvious workaround is to draw these fixtures on the 2nd floor, CAD to detail, and copy them as a separate layer on the ground floor. It is important th
  10. Hi Eric, Thank you so much for your help. That solved it!
  11. Thank you for your reply Eric, I have modified my signature as you have suggested. In the graphic below, I am looking for the siding from region 1 to continue to wrap around the base of the floor in regions 2 and 3, which I cannot find the reason for the gap. I will be adding the roof last, so it is not of concern right now.
  12. Hello, I am only on my first week of using chief, so this may be obvious to some. After building a 48" loft over a first floor, there is a gap in the floor and the siding as shown in the 3D perspective and section. I've checked the floor and wall types in all rooms and have even moved the wall around. For some reason, it cuts off the floor at a certain point in the room above. Thank you for your time and help.