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  1. The rule is 1:12 ratio and there must be a landing every 30' which should be a 5'-0" x 5'-0" for easy turn around. Ramps for the VA must be 48" in width and handrail on both sides. Distance between handrails is 42".
  2. Where are you located ? If you would like to send me a sample I can get a better feeling what you need and want. Send to dave.cortes@gmail.com Dave
  3. In the past you were able to change the floor height to a particular room. I have a step down loving room and I have created many of these in the past and for some reason I will not work now. I have a step up of 8 inches and it changes all the floors up to 8 inches. Something is really wrong here.
  4. Antman How did you create the door schedule with the photo's of the doors on the left ?
  5. Thanks Curt, I made sure they layers were on in the plan view but it didn't even cross my mind that I would have to turn them on in the Foot Print view as well. Thanks Again Curt
  6. Is there an easier way to have all handicap ramps show up when you create footprint of the drawing so you can place it on the plot plan. I been having to draw in the outline of the ramps via CAD lines. Thanks in Advance
  7. I would imagine it wold be for the SAH Grant. Which requires the 4x4 roll in shower barrier free, one grab bar on each wall to support the veterans weight, hand held shower with a thermostatic controlled valve to prevent the sudden change in temperature, bathroom door must open outward best to install a pocket door if possible. Two means of egress/ingress and one has to be from the veterans bedroom. Doors to be 36" in width unless they are 32" which is acceptable. Ramps not to exceed 1:12.5 slope, 48" wide, 42" handrail to handrail. Yep know all about it. But i'm in Upstate New York. If you need help in understanding it or need additional guidance please do not hesitate to ask.
  8. My guess you will have a problem with this. Since 1990, the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act specifically has protected "architectural works," which include architectural plans and drawings as well as "the arrangement and composition of spaces and elements in the design." Original plans and drawings for the design of a property, or the property itself, can be protected under the copyright laws. You will have to go to the owner of those plans. JMHO
  9. Yep tried it all. They are located in the Millwork layer and that's on I tried doorway and still cannot see the shelves. Only in camera view. Using wall elevation view and still no shelves. Oh well I just went into the elevation view and drawn them in manually.
  10. One thing I am unable to accomplish is I have a closet in which I installed about 4 shelves and they are visible via camera view but not in wall elevation view. I want to be able to show then in the elevation view so I can dimension them for review. Anyone know a way this can be done. Thanks in advance
  11. Well I look at all the above which were interesting to say the least, however none of which produced what I was looking for. Now with countless changes I finally got what I was looking for. The interior wall is not quite the same but the exterior is exactly what I needed. Thanks everyone it was a journey but now have it down to a science.
  12. Jim I thought so as well but its not. The interior does have an attic above this second floor. Space to the left and right of each dormer ia approx. 13" inches. The interior walls go all the way to that roof line of which the floor is even with the edge of the gutters on the roof. I have tried the online videos and have not seen one that would work thus far.
  13. For the life of me I cannot complete this task. I tried creating a Cape and then changing the roof but no luck. I tried creating knee walls and still no luck. Trying to create a Gambrel Roof where it rests on the first floor walls so I can place dormers. I have looked through the videos and I know its something simple. Photo shows what I need to create. Plan shows what I got. I have created this in the past however with AutoCAD and believe me if you don't use it you lose it. Any help will be greatly appreciated 28964.plan Front House 28964.bmp
  14. Do you have a photo ? A plan to post ? no idea what software your referring too.
  15. NCC-1701 I think you posted on the wrong question being asked. JMHO