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  1. Is there a function that shows the sliding window opening direction on elevations?
  2. Carly-D

    Draftsperson wanted

    Thank you to everyone who replied to my post looking for help. I have found the help I need at the moment and if I require any further assistance I know where to go to. Thanks again. Much appreciated. Carly
  3. Carly-D

    Draftsperson wanted

    Hi All I am looking for someone who would be interested in drawing a few house plans. We are a small building company and I have taken over drafting our plans in Chief but I am falling behind in my other work. These are fairly basic brick veneer homes with hip a roof. I am still learning the program and have spoken with Glenn Woodward who has been fantastic but i just need someone to draw a couple of plans so we can keep our guys in work. If anyone is interested I would be keen to hear from you. Thanks heaps Carly
  4. Carly-D

    Training in Australia

    Awesome thanks Drawzilla.
  5. Carly-D

    Training in Australia

    Hi I am new to Chief Architect and wondered if there is anyone who does training in Australia? We are a small building company and after using the basic Chief Architect program I decided to purchase the Premier version X8 last December. I have managed to produce a few plans from the online help and videos. I guess I am looking for some one on one training to help be iron out the way I am doing things and help me to produce a better and quicker plan. We are based in Tocumwal NSW which is on the Murray River. Thanks Carly