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  1. Well, that wasn't what I was hoping for... maybe in x10?!? Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to download all of the bonus catalogs in one fell swoop?
  3. Is anyone else having this problem with camera views? I am not able to maneuver the orbiting option with the floor camera. It is not responsive and then seems to just take off on its own. I have to close the window, start again and then hope to get the view I want the first time...
  4. I may have to figure out how to do that. The speed just gets agonizingly slow just to do the work, never mind ray tracing... The quick tip about making the ray trace pixel size smaller from Dave was/is very useful!
  5. Thanks Dave. I have watched her videos in the past. I just did a tiny ray trace in 3 min and it worked great. Thank you for that tip! I am mainly an interior designer and was thrilled to realize the wealth of images available from that 3D warehouse, but the slowing down of progress using them is a real problem. Any suggestions on that front?
  6. Yes, I think you are on to something Joey... everything has slowed down since the new world arrived. Ugh. I just ray traced a plain room with nothing but a staircase, and voila, after 3 minutes, the image appeared. Now what? I am going to try and take out all of the fancy stuff from the camera view I want to ray trace by turning off that layer, get the lighting to an acceptable level, then put the fancies back in and just figure it will take awhile. Do you think that is a valid approach?
  7. I am needing to ray trace some images and after 10 minutes the screen is still the checkered image. I am trying to do just some quick ones to evaluate and correct lighting etc. Shouldn't I be seeing an image after 10 minutes? What could be happening?
  8. Um, wow! Figured out how to import stuff from Sketch up... there's a whole new world out there!
  9. Thanks to all! I have cobbled together a plan that will serve my needs, but still need learn how to make custom symbols, how to use the "curtain treatments" and also how to download sketch up files into Chief.... Can someone direct me to some tutorials to learn? Pressed for time on this project, but will dig in asap to improve my skills!
  10. Okay, still confused about how to place the casing though. The windows are so close together, Chief wants to put the casing around two windows together. I do not need to be accurate with the framing, just need to make it "look pretty good". I am getting there, but am compromising because I don't know how to get it just right...
  11. I made the casing, but should those three windows be mulled? When they are mulled the casing is just placed on the outside of all three windows. I need that five inch casing also on the two sections on the inside. I also made the rosette and saved it as an architectural block and using it is very slow. Should I be saving it a different way?? I haven't learned how to import sketch up symbols yet, should probably get on that....
  12. Do you think this article will put me on the right track? Or do you have a suggestion on where to find instructions for doing this?
  13. I am needing to render door and window casings like the attached... not sure of the best approach. Suggestions would be welcome!
  14. Thanks for all of the replies. I am running the Interiors version, which doesn't have wall material region control. The work around is to use the custom backsplash tool which cuts the the wall layer and replaces it. Another option is to use the trusty polyline tool, only that draws a new layer on top.
  15. The wall colors are showing behind the wallpaper as you rotate the view. I don't understand why applying wallcovering to an individual wall doesn't simply overwrite the room definition wall covering. Maybe I have to individually treat each wall?