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  1. Thanks, it does look good, but this is a very simple room, I would really like to see how it deals with joining of rooms, recessed walls etc. I don't need loads of detail for my as-builts, just walls, openings & sanitary fixtures a digital camera takes care of everything else I need. I shall keep on eye on it & maybe give it a go on release of the new version.
  2. Can anyone comment on Room planner? There don't seem to be any videos available other than CA's propaganda/promotional stuff that gives you the glossy bits. But I want to see or hear from an impartial user who has used it to model a whole house. I have already wasted too much money on other apps which are really not that great, the worst being Orthograpth, Redstick is pretty good though!
  3. If you keep SSA current for 5 year's straight why not give the next year for free as part of loyal use? Sorry, but that's a ridiculous statement! CA are a business, they don't give product away, and it is good value for money! Whether a person feels that Lew has a point or not is a different argument, and I reckon Lew would be the first to agree that CA is good value for money.
  4. The 2d tools are very lacking compared to Vectorworks.
  5. Graphisoft charge $2000 to transfer the Archicad license! That may be just here in NZ. I'm told Autocad users cannot transfer their license at all!
  6. I'm touched! I am selling up due to a change in my circumstances. But I will still visit from time to time, I couldn't forget or just leave a place where I have been helped by so many, I like to think i have helped a few out myself where I could. In the mean time, thanks to you all, keep up the good work. No I wont be going to Revit! Signin out for a while Rob.
  7. I have forgotten my user name to log into support, I only need a license transfer form, does anyone have one they can send me, or point me in the right direction to get one.
  8. I am selling my CA license, I have X6 which as you will all know is the latest & greatest. $2150 USD Pm me if interested