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  1. I am trying to find a way to add a floor level below the foundation. We are designing a bungalow on a steep slope that will have two stories of grade drop from the front to the back of the home. The walk-out basement will be a floor below the main basement. The Sub basement will step back also to improve slope stability.
  2. It should work fine. I have been receiving emails all day.
  3. Calgary Alberta Canada, residential design firm. New Century Design is seeking an experienced Architectural Technologist with Chief Architect experience at intermediate level or above. Our small design firm handles 60 - 70 projects a year from Single Family up to 6-7 unit Townhouses. Experience with Development Permit Applications and Land Use Re-designations is important. Structural and technical skills with the Alberta Building Code and Energy code are a must. and Lumion 3D Rendering a bonus. Send email with qualifications list and recent project samples (preferably Chief 3D ). to Must be able to work in our Studio in Inglewood. No remote applicants will be considered.
  4. Thanks for your reply Joe! I was able to import the file into Chief but my goal is to convert the DAE file back into a .plan file which can be edited like a regular drawing set. Any ideas for this?
  5. Hello All, Really hoping someone can help me out here but we have received a 3d Collada file, exported from another designers Chief architect software, and it is in poor shape. I am hoping someone can help me be able to convert the .dae file back to a plan file or find another method to make it editable as a whole in Chief. Thus far I have been unsuccessful at doing so and the clock is ticking(as always). Please help! Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the help, its great to know there are always a couple ways of doing everything - the problem is just finding them.
  7. Hi, I'm new to Chief and learning the program. I've come across a problem I can't find a solution to: I'm trying to replicate a project previously completed in CAD, and I need to trim or cut a section out of the roof in front of a dormer. If anyone could help out, or even point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. See attachments, the first is CA and the second is what I'm trying to do. Thanks, Ryan