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  1. ayushgoomer92

    Chief Expert/Move to Kauai

    Hi I am proficient in CA software and willing to work with you...here are some samples of my work
  2. ayushgoomer92

    Chief Architect Users Australia

    I am new to this forum. Are there any CA users on this forum that are based in India. I India, people are not much aware with this software. So, there are very less number of opportunities related to the same. As I am proficient in CA, looking for opportunities worldwide. Attached below are the work samples.
  3. ayushgoomer92

    Learning Chief Architect

    Hi, I am an Indian, I have been using Chief Architect from the last two years and now being proficient in it, I have been looking for job opportunities in Australia. Please mail me if there is any opportunity for the same. goomerayush@gmail.com