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  1. Still for sale? How much?
  2. Mid sized design build firm, needing help packaging plans for permit processing, construction ready packages and estimating. Remote will work temporarily but we would ideally like someone full time in our FW office. Need someone who is FAST, we are churning out 2-3 plans a week!
  3. I am trying to add pendants to a sloped ceiling and the rendering is reflecting them at a diagonal! How can I fix this??
  4. Hello everyone! I made a facebook group! maybe that will help us all get a little more connected! The group is called "Dallas Area Chief Users Group" Find me and I will add you @megwaldrop !
  5. Hey Ya'll! Another Dallasite here! I am new to Chief and completely self taught and would love to meet other locals to soak up some trade tricks and peer coaching! My husband and I build custom homes in Preston Hollow. As our customer demands have grown, the plans get more complex and detailed. We made the switch from using an outside draftsman to doing all aspects in house and I am learning as I go. I would love to learn some of ya'lls business practices to be more efficient so I can spend less time at the computer and more time playing with my cute 15 month old!
  6. Ok, so now my rafters are labeled correctly, but the text is super tiny, how can I change the text size?
  7. Can anyone send me links or point me in the right direction to learn how to properly use the materials list generator? I am trying to create take-offs for various vendors (ie: masonry, roofing, lumber, flooring, and cut lists for cabinets) but the materials list is not in a cohesive order. The videos on CA were not helpful and I haven't found any helpful advice on the forum yet. Has anyone actually successfully figured out how to use this feature?