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  1. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    DsHall, long time... no more You Tube videos? Anyway, the default is not the default do to no fault of us. Chief should give finder fees when we discover a glitch. Maybe a discount code to hooters magazine..
  2. atomic12

    Time Tracker

    I spent some time on this also. When you export your time it will save it to a file with a bunch of commas. When you open excel, open up that file and you will be asked a bunch of questions. Choose Delimiters and check tap and comma. Finish and it will separate it. Then you will have to use "sum" and calculate your hour wage,,, or not. Hope this helps as I still have a bald spot when I was pulling out my hair figuring this out. Wish chief would make this simpler...
  3. atomic12

    Time Tracker

    Using the Chief time tracker was really messing me up. After screwing myself out of money, I figured it was time for me to figure this out. The problem was that I would open a plan and work on that until I was ready to send it to the layout page. Problem was I was having time tracking on the plan sheet and then time tracking on the layout sheet. Try explaining that to your customer when they get the bill.... So,, now when I am charging by the hour, I will open up a plan sheet and immediately open a layout sheet and send that plan to layout. The layout sheet will consolidate the plan time into itself and now I only have one time tracking to think about. It seems to work for me but hey,,, anyone has a better idea, let me know.
  4. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    Thanks Guys... I did get it working but had to use the hot keys.
  5. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    Thank you,,, a new challenge in life that nobody has time for. But I do appreciate you checking it out on 10 cuz that's what I am running and it does not seem to work even trying Alt /
  6. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    Hmmm... spoke to soon. Alt Z did not do squat.... Must be a hot key for that also
  7. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    Thanks guys. These little annoyances that is hard to find in the overall world of Chief. Again, thanks for the help. I never did like to picking up hitch hikers.
  8. atomic12

    Arrow pointer only,,, NO hitch hikers.

    Well, that was easy. I wish all you had to do is hit the arrow again to go back, but I will make a note of this and go have a beer. Thank you.
  9. I am having an issue when I use the concentric option, the concentric icon is hitch hiking on the arrow pointer. Even if I click on the concentric tool, it does not go away. My question is, How do you go back to the arrow pointer only without seeing the side kick? Probably so simple, but very annoying. Thanks in advance
  10. atomic12


    Looks like supporting the second floor bay over the porch must of been fun. Cantilever joists?
  11. atomic12

    Laser Distance Measurer

    I have been working with Chief for years now and am getting into as-builts and BOMA measurements. I was glad to see an app (room planner) that allowed me to use an onsite lazer measurer. As with many contractors, we use Bosh equipment and purchased a Bosh GLM100. It also comes with an app but is shaky at best. The room planner only works with Leica. With Bosh you get many advantages that Leica does but at a reduced price. However, this puts me in a delima as I wish to use the Bosh for Chief. I hope that support at Chief will reconize the value of Bosh and reconize the bluetooth measurements from the Bosh lazer. If anyone knows how to force feed the room planner with Bosh,,, let me know. Thanks