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  1. @imodelI have a big file with all this texture, can I share with you this file. go looking me at facebook, Caru Romero.
  2. Hi I'm working with this shipping conteiner to do this house. conteinel full open.calibz conteiner complete.calibz
  3. X15 Drinking Fountain Drinking_ Fountain.calibz
  4. some Decora SW 3 and 4 gang 3&4 SW & Recep.calibz
  5. Hi Morgan Make the elevation view and do transparent the wall, change the elevation in rendering techniques to vector view, send the elevation to the layout select the scale you need and select plot line, check mark in Use Edge and Use Pattern, in the layout cut all and leave only the Window and put all your notes. you can change the wall to normal in the plan done
  6. yes sorry for the confusion. this one are X12 SURFACE EMT RECP-SWITCH X12.calibz
  7. HIi friend I did some "surface mount" EMT outlet for commercial, industrial or remodeling check this symbols RECESSED EMT RECP & SWIT..calibz
  8. thank you for you help Alaskan
  9. Hi. somebody know how can I fill black this symbol I need black the triangle
  10. Hi friends some uno know how can I create line with text in X15? Im working in a electrical project and I need use those lines, 480v, 277v, cat6 Fiber Optic 6 par. see the line.png
  11. the version X4 is older and the good catalogs not run in this version.
  12. install x12 and resolve all your problem