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  1. I'd like to know what to do in that situation as well
  2. Thanks Eric. this helped me today. I wish I'd searched here first. I spent quite awhile today on You tube with no luck. Your solution was so simple and easy.
  3. thanks for the help. I researched this issue and found this post and it worked. Thanks
  4. Yeah. I didn't even attempt changing it to a deck, that seemed way more difficult, I just copied one post with footer and placed it where I needed it then adjusted the hight then copied that one to the other locations. These post are just window dressing so to speak. I don't provide any type of materials list or cut sheet. They know how to build the deck, landing and stairs, I just need it to look good. I really appreciate your reply
  5. Thanks Ryan and robdyck. I’ll play around with making the landing a small deck, then add the post to the stairs manually.
  6. Is this still the correct answer? Just to copy and past the deck post and footers to the stairs and landing and adjust to fit under the stairs and landing. I’ve watched several hours worth of videos and can’t seem to find the answer but I found this in the search function Thanks Matthew x14
  7. So, the same question but with x14. Is it still something you have to do manually? Basically copy the post and footers from the deck and place under the landing and the stairs? Seems like they would add that automatically thanks
  8. When I click an object with the active layer display box open it used to isolate the layer that the object is using and you could turn it off or lock it etc. That stopped working and I can't seem to find the button to turn it back on. I had a video of one of the training videos where she mentioned this exactly but she doesn't tell you how to turn it on or off. The video wouldn't load, too big. The photo is to reference this and the time stamp where she mentioned this in the video. X14. Thanks Matthew
  9. Hello, looking to buy an older copy of CA for Mac I draw professionally and currently use Autocad but eventually I'd like to make the switch. A few years ago I upgraded my computers and made sure they were compatible with x12 which at the time was the newest version available. They've since come out with x13 and my computers are not compatible. The main goal is to learn chief at my own pace and in the evening and weekends. I've downloaded the free trial several times but 30 days isn't enough for me to feel comfortable and proficient in making the switch 100% to CA. On FB several post reference buying x12 or older off Ebay and the only one I found sold both x10 and X13 separtely as download only, no key, and the price is $40 ea which total seems like a scam. So another FB post recommended trying here for an older copy from a legit seller. Once I have an older program that I can dig into and get the skills I need I'll upgrade the hardware and buy the current CA. Thanks Matthew