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  1. It occurs to me that my version of Chief 9.5 MIGHT just work on Windows 10 in compatibility mode. Has anyone here known anyone who got a version of Chief 9.5 to run on Windows 10?
  2. Lew, Are you saying that you need to open, number and save a new layout file for every page of layout in HD Pro? Now, that would just be cruel, no? Dan
  3. Thanks Rick, I suspect you meant "polyline solids" in your post? Do you recall having a molding polyline tool in HD Pro? I can't find it. I see that the soffit tool is available in HD Pro. I know you can apply moldings to that although I always found soffits to be harder to work with. I appreciate your help. Dan
  4. Thanks Rick, I downloaded HD Pro but wasn't able to access the layout feature because you can't save files with the trial version. I'm still not sure what you mean by "one page at a time". On my Chief 9.5 I can make a template page 0 which duplicates onto all other pages. You're saying this isn't available in HD Pro? The thing that really jumps out at me so far is the apparent absence of polyline solids. I use them all the time and I'm not sure how I'd design without them. It also appears difficult (impossible?) to apply moldings to slabs. No molding polyline tool?
  5. Thanks Lew, I'm going to try to download the Home Designer Pro to my laptop to see about that layout issue. I sure wouldn't want to make a new layout page for every page (if that's what you meant).
  6. Thank you Dermot, Actually I've been using my Chief version 9.5 right along and even now still (yes I managed to get my Chief 9.5 to work on Vista), but my Windows Vista is no longer supported by Firefox and other software and I must now upgrade. This means that I'll also have to upgrade my Chief software . You can see I'm not big on change. I checked out that pdf, it was very helpful although it did raise some questions. While it appears that some functions are an improvement it also appears others might not still be available to me. I'll have to download the trial to my laptop I think to try it first.
  7. Thanks Mark, Yes I checked out the link above, that's why I was asking about what portion of those requirements were related to the Ray Trace function. I appreciate your help...I'm still looking at computers and I also appreciate the website you recommended, AVBAdirect. They really allow you to fine tune a computer set up.
  8. Thank you Mark, I'm not familiar with PSU though. Are you talking about cables or something more significant? Am I correct in assuming that the main driver of the system requirement to have expensive video cards etc (basically a gamer's computer) is the Ray Trace function?
  9. Is the requirement for the "Ray Tracing" as opposed to the standard rendering the driving cost for these machines? Would a lesser machine merely take longer to Ray Trace? If so, I think I would sacrifice the Ray Tracing for a more affordable computer. I was hoping to pay around $1000.00... not realistic?
  10. I currently have Chief Arch 9.5 running on a slowly outdated Windows Vista system. I'll soon need to buy a new computer running Windows 10 and will then of course need to buy a new version of Chief. I'm a remodeling contractor and I mostly use the software for designing my various remodeling projects which helps me with my estimates and also with allowing my customers to see a scaled perspective of whatever I'm to do for them. I occasionally need to print out a scaled set of prints for permitting on larger projects but that's fairly rare (11' x 17" and 13" x 19" format). My question is would Home Designer Pro fit my needs or do I need to pay the extra money and get the Chief Architect Premier?
  11. Yes, you're right. I can only get the textured glass on the exterior of an exterior door. The interior door doesn't take the texture and the interior of the exterior door doesn't either.
  12. Glenn, Thanks. I was able to get a window to work for this, but the door...nope.
  13. I think you might be right, Graeme. It might only be available from the exterior side of the glass, too.