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  1. Using the wall layer intersections did it! Thank you! I had no idea that tool existed, but I'm sure I'll be using it a lot now.
  2. I have an issue that seems to keep cropping up. Sometimes in elevation, I can see the drywall thickness where two walls meet at a corner. I have checked everything I can think of, including the materials on the walls, and I can't figure it out. I tried deleting the wall, I tried mirroring the wall on the left to the right, I tried painting the exterior the same as the interior. It messes up the elevation view by showing a thickness that isn't there. I know I can put a filled polyline on top it, but that's not really solving the issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated. You can see the wall thickness showing on the right side of the vanity alcove but not the left. I am using X10 Premiere. Thank you! Jillian
  3. Eric, that is all incredibly helpful. I didn't know I could make the newel post 0". I tried making the stair runs without mirroring, and it wouldn't connect at all. Mirroring was the only way I could get it to connect to the landing on both sides. I haven't found a great tutorial for this setup. Thanks so much for your advice!
  4. Hello, I am struggling mightily with building two-story rooms with stairs. I have several of these projects right now, and they are making me a little crazy. I am attaching the project file I am currently working on. It has a two-story entry, which I have successfully created. However, I can't seem to control the stairs properly. There is a center run up to a landing, and then the stair splits. It looks like both of the top segments are connected to the landing, however, I can only control the materials and settings on the left side. Nothing I change seems to affect the right side unless I make all of the changes to the left side first and then mirror it to create a copy on the right side. I also can't get the railings to wrap around the corners. Plus, I am not sure why I can see the ceiling surface of the basement stairs "room" through a portion of the wall and why the wall doesn't continue from the basement all the way up through the second story (ie. I can see a line in vector view). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! CA-File-Help.plan
  5. Eric, it's the textures issue still. You helped me fix the electrical. I was responding to the comment that updating the Content Library today would fix the issue...I thought I quoted it. I'm still getting the hang of how these forums work. Thanks for bearing with me.
  6. Unfortunately it’s still not working for me.
  7. Eric, I actually spoke with them about it on Friday and have an open case. Last week I upgraded my Mac OS to High Sierra. The next day, I upgraded from the X10 beta to the full release. Unfortunately, after I did the OS upgrade, I didn't do any Chief work so I can't isolate the issue. After upgrading Chief, I noticed most - not all - of the materials were missing their textures. None of my libraries migrated either. I eventually fixed the libraries by copying and pasting from my X9 directories but haven't been able to solve the textures issue. I downloaded some of the bonus libraries over the weekend, and those textures are missing too. My hunch is that X10 isn't compatible with High Sierra. I don't do a lot of rendering so it's not as bad as it could be but still pretty upsetting. Thanks again for taking the time to help me!
  8. So, both approaches worked for showing the electrical. Thanks for all your help! Now, if only they can figure out the textures issue, I'll be back in business.
  9. Thank you!! I will try this as soon as baby wakes up.
  10. I can’t see them in the elevation view. Also very exciting to see with textures. I have no textures after the X10 upgrade.
  11. Forgive me for being a little airheaded! I’m designing I’m between my three month old’s naps, so not at my best. I think I had another thread open at the same time and got confused.
  12. Ah, ok! Here it is. I'm new posting here and didn't anticipate this level of help/response. Thank you!! Acheson-Kitchen-20180213.plan
  13. Eric, I posted above in response to Steve. Any advice you could give would be great. Thanks! Jillian
  14. Steve, I just filled it out. Thanks for the tip. I have my wall set to furred under structure. The outlets and sconces show in plan view but not in the elevation view. I am using X10. Thanks! Jillian
  15. Hi, I am working on plans for a kitchen remodel. We are creating a furred wall next to an existing exterior wall to create a single interior wall surface. I was able to place the furred wall successfully and add a window to it. However, the electrical is snapping to the original wall and therefore hidden behind the furred wall in elevation. It shows properly in plan view. I looked through all of my settings and can't figure it out. The other outlets that are not on the furred wall are showing properly in the elevation, so I know it's not layer settings. Thanks for any help! Jillian