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  1. We recently added a bunch of new fireplaces in the Core Catalog. Architectural/Fireplaces/Fireplace Inserts Maybe something in there will work for you?
  2. You can always turn off the stretch planes. Simply open the symbol once it is in your plan and click on the Advanced Sizing tab. Unclick any of the stretch plane settings that are on. That way it won't go wonky when you rotate it.
  3. There is a bunch of mailbox's in Storage No. 5 Lockers and Mailbox catalog also.
  4. We just adding a new Bonus Catalog that has fireplaces and accessories, including stacks of wood. Hopefully what we created will work for you.
  5. Did you ever find the sprinklers that are available in the MEP No. 4 Fire Sprinklers catalog? There is a concealed sprinkler head in there.
  6. The trick is to create a new material using your texture. If you bring in an .obj and then apply your material in chief it will work. Just make sure to have good UV's in max. Here is the link to creating a new material... https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00767/creating-a-new-material.html