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  1. Kitchen Remodeling: Designing & 3D Visualization Thursday, July 16, 2020, at 12:00 PM PDT This kitchen remodeling session begins with the as‑built plan and transforms the space into a large open kitchen for the client. We will review the as-built overlay in 2D and 3D and use Chief Architect's design tools for the new kitchen. Scott Harris, CKBD, will be hosting this live session, covering the following outline, and taking questions about the process from attendees. Wall demo and new wall construction Creating the shed ceiling Floor plan and wall elevation dimensions Review the as‑built overlay in 2D & 3D Plan Download: Modifications for the challenge: Increase Kitchen Size and Expand the Floor Plan Change the Roof to a Shed Roof Create a Custom Vaulted Shed Ceiling in the Kitchen Change the Kitchen Walls to 'Solid Railings' Change the Stairway Walls to 'Railings' Create a Wall Elevation for the New Kitchen Wall (similar to the 'K2' elevation) If you missed the live demonstration, you can catch up by watching the recording here:
  2. Very creative, thanks for sharing KatManToo!
  3. Congratulations to June's winners! 1st: Giuseppe Rispoli 2nd: Samantha Lo 3rd: Rondante H. Bernabe See the winning entries: Join it by submitting your own designs for July's contest (Residential Design), and visiting the Album to vote for your peers!
  4. We'll show you how to use Reference Displays and Layer Sets to create remodeling overlays between your As-Built Design and Final Proposal. Follow along with the project plan: Watch the video:
  5. Scott Harris will be showing the tools and methods you need to know when it comes to creating kitchen islands in Chief Architect. Download the Project Plan: Watch the Video:
  6. Thank you for the question. Yes, the full commercial version will open plans created in with the Student License as long as the full commercial version is the same version or newer. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 208-292-3400. Kind regards, Derek Pedersen Chief Architect Software
  7. Beautiful design, Emmaline! Thank you for sharing with us and our community. We’ve selected a few of these renderings to be featured on our Social Media feeds. View your design on our Facebook page and the Chief Blog. Feel free to share this with your community as well. Keep up the great work!
  8. Samantha has done a wonderful job on this design! We appreciate her sharing these renderings with us and our community. If you'd like to see more of this space, check out Samantha's walkthrough video here:
  9. Are you ready for our next free webinar? Our trainer, Kay Lockhart, will be sharing tips and techniques for the Ray Tracing features in Chief Architect. We'll wrap up the training with a Q & A session, and leave you with this week's #ChiefChallenge homework, so you can put the skills you've learned into action. Download the Project File: Harbor View - Ray Trace Watch the Video Check out the other weekly webinars on the schedule:
  10. We saw great submissions for May's Remodel/Addition Design Contest; congratulations to our 3 winners: 1st Place – Rodante Habacon Bernabe of R. H. Bernabe Enterprises 2nd Place – Emma Baumann, a high school student 3rd Place – Sandra Lukas View all of the great submissions. June’s Design Contest is Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design. The entry deadline is June 22nd; get your submissions in early so you can start accumulating votes! Visit ChiefBlog to learn how to enter: Can't wait to see what you have been creating! Good Luck!
  11. From the album: Featured Students

    Remember to Show Your Work! Learn more.
  12. ChiefArchitect

    Featured Students

    Check out some of the work from Students who have been featured on ChiefBlog. Share your own work in a new album here, we are excited to see your work as you learn Chief Architect and hone your design skills.
  13. Are you a student, or do you know a student, who as been able to use the Chief Architect Student Version for their own projects? We want to see what students are creating, and to help them show it off! ChiefTalk now has a gallery for student work, we'll be picking images posted to the gallery and then sharing with our social media channels and on the blog to feature these efforts. Learn more about our Student Design Gallery. If you aren't a student, but want to show off your creations too, please do! The Member Gallery is open to ChiefTalk users. Whether you are new to the software or a long-time user, we love seeing and sharing your work. Create an album and tell us the story about projects you are working on. Include your social accounts and contact information so we can tag you. Don't miss a chance at a little free publicity.
  14. From the album: Featured Students

    We featured the winning design by Alexis in our Blog. “I, along with my fellow classmates Mary and Krystina, became a Chief Architect Certified Apprentice last year, which is a huge accomplishment to me. I would also like to mention my teacher Mrs. Mock, who has pushed us to be our best in what we do and has helped in my realization that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”
  15. From the album: Featured Students

    “Growing up as a contractor’s daughter in the small town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota gave me opportunities to learn from a young age about design..." Visit the ChiefBlog to see more images frim Kaitlyn's winning design.
  16. From the album: Featured Students

    “At TSA Nationals I showed up to the room 30 minutes early to ensure that I got a good seat at the back of the room then I had an additional hour while everyone else arrived and the judges quickly interviewed us. Then we were all given the problem and the time was started. When they gave us our problem I began to worry, there was so much to do and I only had four hours. “We were given a floor plan to modify so I started first by recreating the walls, windows, and doors. There were holes in the design that I had to fix so I worked on those then began designing the rooms and other spaces..." Learn about Danielle's story on ChiefBlog.
  17. From the album: Featured Students

    “Participating in the National Kitchen and Bath Association Student Design Competition was such an amazing learning opportunity. It was the first time I worked on a space for an actual client. Working through the design problem and creating a functional space is an experience that will do nothing but help me grow my career..." We shared more of Jennifer's work in this blog post:
  18. On Thursday, May 21 at noon, our trainer and renderer extraordinaire, Kay Lockhart, wants to talk to you about rendering in Chief Architect! Reference this plan and video from Kay's presentation. Rendering Video
  19. Join us and remember to take notes! We'll give you homework with our #ChiefChallenge. If you missed the webinar, watch the recording here: Find the reference files here: Make sure to register and join us at high-noon on Thursdays!
  20. Learn how to use the Trey Ceiling, Ceiling Planes, and Automatic Ceiling Vaulting tools to create customized spaces in your designs. Join Scott Harris and Al Frey this Thursday at noon to learn more about these powerful Chief Architect tools! Register today! Use this downloadable plan file for your work reference: Review this video to learn about ceiling editing techniques: Ceilings: Vaults, Barrels & Treys See all of the upcoming webinars here:
  21. On Thursday, April 30th, we hosted a webinar featuring Roofs! We'll take you through the process of putting together roofs using Chief Architect, and this week we are also sending you away with a fun Homework Challenge! Download these plans and create your own version of the roofs. We will continue to offer free live Demos along with Question and Answer sessions on Thursdays at noon. Check out the schedule to see what's coming!
  22. Congratulations to our 3 winners in the Residential Design Contest! 1st Place – Bobby McFadden 2nd Place – Steve Johnsen of @HOME Custom Design 3rd Place – Gisela Weissman-Everhard View all of the amazing submissions. We enjoyed viewing everyone’s design and want to thank you all for sharing with us and our community! Varying prize packages will be awarded!
  23. The free Thursday webinars have been a big hit! We are excited to continue to offer recurring free Thursday trainings! If you haven't attended one of these, visit our website to see the scheduled topics. These webinars are slated for 2 hours where we provide a 30min live demo, then open the floor to live questions and answers. If you have general questions on any of these topics, make sure you attend the webinar to have an opportunity to get your questions answered!
  24. Virtual Classrooms allow us to provide a little more flexibility with schedules because there isn't travel involved! We've broken these training sessions into 4 classes, two days a week, so that it is easier for you to schedule them into your day. Check out our updated post above for dates, or visit the website to get more information!
  25. We've updated the Remodeling page on our website to include some resources for taking As-Build Measurements and a Checklist for the process. Come and see what you think!