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  1. Thought I would pass on this info, Unreal Engine recently purchased Twinmotion, they are offfering full version for free! And it is yours to keep, they are offering it until Nov 2019, I have been using it with Chief for the past few months exporting from Chief with Collada files, and updates seamlessly when I reload the files in Twinmotion. Check it out!
  2. Yes I agree like others have said stairs and railings need to be improved, at the very least it would be nice to be able to set the top and bottom of a railing wall manually. Your way of creating it may be the easiest way but I like being able to do everything within the plan if I can. The other way I have done this is use the ramp parallel to the railing, so the railing follows the ramp. I then split the railing wall where I want to post to be. (change something in the structure tab so the railing wall doesn't auto reconnect) I then add the post manually
  3. Use a ramp and set the top a bottom heights to the same height as the top of the first stair, turn off the the railings on the landing and give the layer a name you can turn off later. Have railings set to follow stairs, and they will adjust to the height of the top of the ramp. Create an invisible wall that is 1/2" thick, and place it between the deck and stairs so the railings don't connect to the deck. In this case I set newels to 0" and placed my own manually at the first tread.