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  1. Conventional framing on top of 4 foot tall cinder block. Exterior of cinder block would be faux stone. Exterior of framing would be Hardy board. I would also consider cinder block the full 12 foot of ground floor with faux stone on outside, and poured concrete in cinder block walls. Cost is main consideration. Attic trusses above this to create future granny flat or space for model railroad above main shop. I can give you more details offline. Thanks, Dave Queener
  2. Gentlemen, I am a professional model-maker and cnc machinist looking to build a new 40'x60' workshop on my property. I am well versed in SolidWorks and AutoCAD, but not Chief Architect. I am contemplating renting CA for a couple of months to complete the design of my new workshop and generate construction drawings, but before I pull the trigger on that, and spend a good deal of time learning the software, I would like to get quotes for someone else to complete the design work and generate prints. Please contact me offline for details and to bid the job. Dave Queener Knoxville, Tennessee Dave at CumberlandModelEngineering dot com