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  1. Great, thanks for the input Ryan. I'll take a look into those things.
  2. Thanks for the thought Ryan, It is a second story wall and is oriented correctly. Wish the fix was that easy.
  3. Chief has been really getting to me on this one... I have a plan with cathedral ceilings. For whatever reason when I enable the 'Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof', Chief decides to put the drywall finish above the roof plane and the siding below... opposite to what it should be. I've messed around with the settings for about an hour and can figure out why Chief is being such a Glitchmaster Any thoughts would be appreciated. See attached screenshots and plan file 20029-SK-4047Ln6N-PRELIM-4.plan
  4. Agreed with being underwhelmed. I wish they would do some polling with users and tackle the priority items...
  5. Thanks guys, that is a good workaround. I have my common walls to my library w/ toolbar shortcuts. Was also hoping for a way to make changes to existing walls as well. Maybe it's something to pitch to CA. Wish the basic options weren't buried in DBX's...
  6. Anyone know of a quick way to change between wall types?.. I know you can just do Ctr+E and do it through the DBX, but just wonder if there is a way to put the wall type drop-down in a tool pallet. That way you could either select a wall in your plan and use the drop-down to change the wall, or if you have the wall tool active but don't have a wall selected you could change the type in the drop-down and that would become your default wall type. Opening and closing DBX's gets old fast
  7. Brilliant! Thanks Not sure how I missed that
  8. I am having trouble getting the floor fill style to show on my floor plan. Under layers I have the "Floor Surfaces" layer turned on. Under each room I have gone into the Room Specs>Structure>Floor>Floor Finish and added a fill style, but for whatever reason I can't seem to get it to display... See the attached screenshot for reference Any ideas?..
  9. I'm having some trouble with designing up a split level. I've tried looking at some videos and help articles but they don't seem to give me any direction. The project is an existing house with four separate split levels: (1) - Full basement and crawl space below the lower level (2) - Lower level (at grade) (3) - Main level (above the full basement) (4) - Upper level (above the lower level) I am designing the house to be two units, with the basement and lower level being one unit, and the main and upper level being another. See attached sketch. T
  10. I have drawn a detached garage with a monolithic slab. I'm trying to find a way to offset the exterior side of the wall from the edge of the slab. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Is there an option for Chief to add a hatch to the terrain in a section view?.. Or does it need to be drawn in manually around foundations etc.? Thanks
  12. Thanks for your help Robert, appreciate it.
  13. Is there any way to change the default drawing group of labels?..