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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I knew it had to be something simple, not sure why I just didn't try that in the first place.
  2. I'm using a template from a designer client, in X15. All of the room labels are showing double. When I double click the room label itself, it shows the room name then also the macro for room name, which, on the surface looks to be the problem, but it's greyed out and I cannot edit it. When I go into the defaults, it's only showing the macro. I'm clearly missing something, I've never seen this before. Is there somewhere else I can look to fix this? Help! Please and Thank you!
  3. Mystery Solved. PICNIC problem... ::facepalm:: Clearly I wasn't working at 100% yesterday... @ChopsawThank you!!
  4. @Chopsaw Thanks for helping me troubleshoot! I've sent them all to layout... going to delete them from layout and resend...
  5. Also, hijacking my own thread by saying that I can't remember how to update my signature...
  6. Ok, that's what I thought too, but none of the others show the name. How the heck did I turn that on?
  7. Has anyone seen this before? All of a sudden, a few of my elevation markers have gone gigantic. They are the same as the others, I changed nothing. When I opened the file today they looked like this. Happens in all plan views. I'm guessing it's a glitch, hoping I don't just need to delete them and redo. Any ideas appreciated! TIA! X14
  8. DesignerAnnilee

    Annilee Waterman

    Interior & Exterior Renderings, modeled in Chief Architect, rendered in Lumion
  9. I thought this was strange too, definitely something to be addressed, as sometimes it's hard to see.