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  1. I finally took the leap and moved Chief Architect over to my Mac Mini M1 I am running Big Sur 11.2. Everything runs perfectly normal with no problems so far.
  2. ToolBox


    It sounds to me that you first need a plan including architectural design, structural design, energy compliance etc. Once those decisions are made, then you will know where your bearing walls and shear walls are. This will determine all your footings and hold downs. All hold downs and anchor bolts in California, must be in place for the pour. It does make finishing more difficult. As said above you can drill and epoxy threaded rod after with a special inspection. You could also check out Simpson titan bolts for wood plates. I am curious, why you are using CMU's? How do you plan on achieving your insulation values?
  3. I just got a Mac mini M1 for Christmas but have been to chicken to try Chief on it. I need to finish a few jobs first. I do think it would be short sided not to support the new M1 chips.
  4. Perry, you are the man. Thank you for your work. I have asked our inspectors about the code changes and they don't have a clue.
  5. Thank you all. My problem was in the scale sending to layout. My scale was set at 1"=1" and not 1/4"=1'-0". . I thought I had checked this but i guess not. I also tried to re-scale the section from the layout box with no luck. I didn't see a re-scale option, just height and width options. I do need to bring it in at a bigger scale like half inch so you can see it.
  6. I am a new user with x11 and having a problem sending layer sets to layout. All was fine for a while, but now the layers come in huge. This happened with my plumbing layout and a wall elevation. In the Layout DBX the scale is set to 1"= 1" and in the plan I am in 1/4"scale dimension default. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. In Santa Cruz there is a similar rule for fire sprinklers. If the garage is attached you can count it in the square footage. Detached structures don't count.