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  1. Mark22

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    Thank you @Electromen (Greg) and @rgardner (Ryan) - that is very much appreciated news. I've attached (I hope!) the response I received from support - is there a better way of "contacting Chief"? UPDATED - checked using eGPU (external GPU) - looks like the new M1 Macs do not yet support that...
  2. Mark22

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    MY INFO - Running CA X12 Premier on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on fully loaded MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2014 with dual 4K monitors - will add this to my signature when I figure out how to do that Upgrading to the new MacBook Pro 13" M1 would give me a CPU bump of a factor of at least 3-5; and, a GPU bump of a factor of 3. But they require Big Sur. As far as RayTracing, yes that would be nice, but so would a less sluggish system. I did contact Chief directly as suggested and got a reply which says X12 will probably not run on Big Sur on my existing Intel MacBook Pro; to me that means I've got to figure out how to get ongoing security updates for other applications without upgrading MacOS. And, X12 will probably not run in Apple Rosetta (the backward compatibility emulator) on the new M1 systems. There's also no plan for X13 due in Q1 2021 to support the new M1 Macs. And, support in general for Big Sur on Intel or using Rosetta is an open question.
  3. Mark22

    Best Mac Laptop for running chief

    I'm also about to upgrade my Mac - currently have an aging MacBook Pro 15" that runs X12 ok but not well with a pair of external 4K 24" monitors. Has anyone heard anything about X12 (or X13) support for the Apple Silicon MacBooks expected to announce next week and be available later this month? Thanks.
  4. Hi - I need to upgrade an aging Mac I'm currently using with X12 Premier. Has anyone heard anything about Chief Architect support for macOS 11 Big Sur? What about support for the new Apple Silicon Mac systems getting released next week? There's nothing about either in The only hardware details are multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 5GB disk space and 1GB VRAM. Thanks.