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  1. You cannot stop CA wackamole.

    Example: Locking ALL layers will not prevent CA wall materials from changing.

    If all layers are locked you should be unable to change anything.
    I always lock all layers except what I'm working on (like roofs) and still mateirials change and windows and treatments move, floors disappear, on and on.

    Looking for positive feedback.

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  2. I stupidly creates of windows and related treatments not looking to see what floor I am on. (I place them in 3D usually).
    I might be on floor 1 and place a window on floor 2 wall and vice versa. The consequence is these jump all over when seemingly unrelated objects are manipulated.

    I need to correct these. Is there a way to 
    select a window
    find out what floor it is referenced to
    If good leave alone
    If wrong floor select correct floor


  3. You are aptly named. You solved it! Thank you.

    What I have learned.
    The baseline needs to be the same height AND aligned on the outside edge of the wall.
    I just wish I know how a baseline moves up on down without me specifically changing its height it in the roof plane specification DB.
    I actually could not even do it there without it modifying one of the two inputs that I demand not change...the fascia top height and the pitch.
    If such a differential in the baseline height occurs again, I will simply move it up or down in the Transform/Replicate Object DB.
    Thanks again. Happy SuperBowl!


  4. I am attempting to make a perfect roof by making one plane and saving that file. When perfect I save the file as roof1 and do next plane and save file as roof2.


    As usual it seems impossible to even get 2 planes to work both in 2D and 3D simultaneously. So consequently much fudging happens. Not a fan of fudging. I triple checked all of these...
    1. Walls have correct dimensions and angles.
    2. Roof baselines are in correct position.
    3. Roof pitches and fascia heights match.
    4. Left-most plane is aligned with vent, window  and front of garage.

    Can someone please show me how get these two simple planes to align perfectly in 2D and in 3D (such that my planes do not cross over each other in 2D )?
    I have watched all videos on manual roofs and spent hundreds of dollars on CA training but I have never learned hot to successfully do this.
    Admittedly, I have not read all of the manual...but some of it.
    Thank you for looking.

    why these do not meet.jpg


  5. On 1/24/2020 at 5:01 PM, DzinEye said:

    Appears like you want the window not AT floor level, but between floor levels... correct?  
    If you use invisible walls/room divider walls to make a room behind the window the size of the floor hole you want and assign it the 'open below' room type you should be able to put the window there.

    Thanks. I did that but there is still ceiling artifacts in staircase windows. I think the problem is CA is not cutting away all the way to the windows. It is not possible to run the room divider wall all the way around the inside of the staircase. If it were, that should get rid of the artifacts. Can you see any fix to this issue, even if it is not ideal?

    open below.jpg

    cupola on fixed garage caps.plan

  6. 9 hours ago, Renerabbitt said:

    This is always problem number 1. Most of the guys around here will tell you, we almost never manually drag wall heights, it just invites problems. If you want structure height to change, you should do it in the room specification dbx.

    Simply draw room dividers to create a room, and if that room is to have different structure than the rest of the rooms, manually override the rooms structure from the room specification. 

    Ideally, if the property does not have split level floors, you should just  edit your floor in the floors and rooms default settings under edit/default settings/floors and rooms/floor levels/

    Thanks. It seems the only difference between the two techniques is if you drag, you simply do no know the number that represents the change in height. If you don't drag, you know. I'm curious why they don't cause the same subset of problems given that both have changed the height.

  7. On 1/24/2020 at 7:09 PM, Renerabbitt said:

    Got married, thank you. As Rob said, define the room as "open below" and it should fix it for you :)

    Hi Rene,
    I need one of those hexagonal decorative roofs (stairwell) and this roof fascia is situated between first floor and second floor. In order to get truss bearings at this height I pull up first floor walls to a desired height between these two floors. When I create roof planes, they end up at the height BEFORE I pulled wall up. I then have to move these roof plane up in the Z axis to the height I need. Can you tell me if this is the only way to do this?


    Gilkey almost roof.plan

  8. 23 minutes ago, DzinEye said:
    38 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:

    Hey Rock, Long-TNS

    You mind posting a plan, I'm not quite understanding the construction assembly that would allow a window to be placed between floors.


    Hey. Yes, it's been a while. Hope things are good with you. From your profile pic, I would guess they are. :)
    BTW, I bought Lumion. Great program. I think you use it as well, yes?

    I have attached file. Thanks!


  9. Hi CA friends,

    I cannot place a window anywhere where the window would be at the level of the floor. 
    I presumed that if I cut hole in floor in front of where window goes, the window would be allowed to be placed.

    I can get the window where I need it BUT part of the OSB-hrz layer shows in front of window at floor level.
    Is there a way to place a window at floor level without these artifacts?




  10. Hi Everyone. 
    I would like to avoid doing the (create 2D cross section/draw CAD line/create polyline solid/convert to molded polyline), just so I can place a simple rectangular prism above a window 
    ...specifically...Window Specification/Treatments (exterior millwork above casing)
    CA-001 shows up when I browse the library. This would work but it is not available as a Window Specification/Treatments library options.
    The closest I can find is Architectural/Millwork/Mantels,Lintals, & Sills/Striaght/Angled Header.
    It has six sides but two of them are angled.
    I also am trying to avoid adding a custom rectangular prism as I am doubtful it will show up under the treatments menu.
    Does anyone know of a window treatment library option under Windows Specification/Treatments/exterior millwork above casing) that is a rectangular prism?