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  1. yeah I see that those cameras are built to show different things, I was hoping I could edit them a bit more. So I guess the other way would be to combine those wall into one, is that possible? or to have it generated as one wall one from the start?
  2. I have a room where part of the ceiling shows as pitched and part is flat. I have been able to create the look I need (although probably not correctly) but I am struggling a bit with the elevations. If I use the wall elevation tool I only see the room wall and not the "attic" wall piece up top that has the ceiling planes on it. When I make a shed roof to get the angled ceiling it breaks up the wall into two pieces. I like the wall elevation because it is very clean, no extra wall/ floor/ceiling structure shown. I can show both walls using the cross section/elevation tool but I cannot figure out how to get a clean look with that camera, it shows much more detail than I want to see. This is the first I've really had to work with this so I'm sure there is a lot I don't know. I tried turning on and off different layers but I didn't have much luck getting what I wanted although I can make it a bit cleaner. Am I missing an easy way to get both walls to show simultaneously using the wall elevation tool? Or is there a way to have that wall be generated as one tall wall instead of two? Thanks for the help! Mike
  3. yeah, thats good if you want a near 90 degree rotation, but I'd like to flip it over 180. It reads strange on the plans sometimes if its facing the other way on a peninsula or an island. I can make a text label and suppress the other one but you know... It just seems weird to me that this is a restriction, why would they restrict the label angle? I don't see any benefit to that. Thanks for replying, I do appreciate that.
  4. OK, I give up. I've searched but I can't figure this out. Is there a setting somewhere I can change so that I can rotate a cabinet label 180 degrees without it flipping back around? Thanks guys!
  5. I sure will...when I get my replacement. So, it had one bad pixel that flashed red near the bottom of the screen, I know it sounds ridiculous but when I pay 2000$ I want zero bad pixels. Dell has a 30 day return policy, plus I purchased premium support, so after having techs try and solve my issue I initiated an exchange. Otherwise my first impressions were good and I feel it will outperform my older desktop running a 660ti GP no problem. I never fully loaded chief because I knew I had to resolve this issue first, but I did load one of my jobs and rendered it with PBR, definitely a faster render than I'm used to, was missing some materials though. I'll post more when I get the new one next week as long as it doesn't have any issues. Whatever you decide, I would make sure you can exchange it even if it only has one bad pixel. I think HID evolution also sells this laptop, you can get a dead pixel warranty from them. I chose to go directly through dell because it was hundreds cheaper even with a full two year premium warranty. They told me when I bought it that it could be returned within 30 days for any reason and they will pay the shipping, that helped ease my mind a bit. You can configure the drives and memory better through HID though and dealing with there support techs is probably a bit easier too. Maybe a better way to go if you don't care about the money. I would not judge this PC based on the pixel issue, that is a problem for all makes. I did buy this when it was 200$ off, it may not be that price anymore. Overall I think its a really well thought out machine, even my MacBook loving wife thought it was really nice and you know MAC people...
  6. Well, I finally bought something. I went with the new Dell G7 17". Its has basically all the same specs as the "thin" laptops that have been mentioned in this thread except its a RTX 2070 MQ since they are finally launched. It just arrived today so I don't have any news on its performance yet. I can say that the fit and finish is really nice, looks like a pro workstation and not a gaming PC but has the matching hardware specs for its chassis size. It has a bunch rear facing ports which is nice for a cleaner desk space and a good overall selection of ports. I paid 2128$ directly from Dell, that includes taxes and an extra full featured 2 year warranty with accidental damage coverage. I went round and round with this decision, hopefully this will work out for me.
  7. Good Job on pulling the trigger, I'm still stuck in analysis paralysis. Post a review after you put some time on it.
  8. I've also looked at the Razer, the fit and finish of the case to me is the best out there for a laptop, components/performance can basically be the same as any other comparable laptop. It is very satisfying to look at and makes you feel like you got what you paid for. The biggest issue I have come across with them is warranty support. You can however buy one from a third party retailer like Best Buy and get a full coverage warranty to offset that (more money of course). Otherwise the Razers seems to be no better or worse than any of its competitors from a performance standpoint. You will most likely pay more for the same performance to get a Razer, as long as you are comparing similar form factors. Mark has had really good experiences with his Clevo machines, you can definitely get more for less with one of those. Also if you buy from one of the clevo resellers, you can call them and talk to real people whenever you need something. Also, make sure you know what external ports are important to you, the amount and type can vary widely between case manufacturers. You can head to a local Best Buy and touch both a Razer and an MSI if you've never seen one in person. Good luck, the rabbit hole is deep!
  9. Is this what you mean Pamela? I'm trying out this rope light for the first time. I tucked it up under this framed cabinet being sure to keep it below the floor. looks like the light penetrates the back of the cabinet and the floor. I feel like this a property of the cabinet rather than the light though. Turn the light into a spot and point it up at the cabinet, this is what I get: This may not be at all what you're talking about but I though it interesting nonetheless. Pointing a puck light up at the bottom of the cabinet has an interesting result as well in that the light seems to turn off.
  10. I noticed the 17" thin bezels were looking pretty manageable size wise. I really want to consider those since that screen size would be really nice if I could get away with it. That opens up a whole new rabbit hole...Thanks! I think I'm going to see if I can run AnyDesk for this trip so I can wait until all these machines update to RTX instead of seeing all kinds of versions and weird pre order stuff. I picked the worst possible time to try and find something.
  11. I was just looking at the Electronics version when you posted, interesting that they offer a battery option that Origin does not. Thanks for sharing that youtube channel, his review video was a really good look at the cooling abilities. I like the brushed aluminum version he had versus the black. Now I have to see who is the best vendor for this machine as far as customer support and warranty issues. I'm also hoping that I don't find anymore computers to compare, this rabbit hole is deep enough already!
  12. You are right about Origins options. I meant big name workstations like Lenovo, Dell, MSI. I wasn't clear on that, sorry. ( I could still be wrong about that) Yeah, if you get the bulkier case you can get more powerful GP cards in an origin for sure, they have good options like any good custom reseller should. Hopefully I get a good vibe from their sales guy. The XoticPC sales guy was great, talked to me for way longer than he should have, super friendly and informative, if I buy a sager or MSI I'd probably get it from them at this point.
  13. well, I realize that I should probably choose something with a thicker case for better cooling and maybe more options but I haven't seen anything that I like in a thicker form factor. I'm off the Quardo card, I've looked at benchmarks and such. Just wish I could get a nice workstation without one. I'm a bit different than most users I think in that I plan on being able to work from my old VW van while traveling around as well as from home, and occasionally traveling back east by plane. So I really want a slimmer pc to work even if I run a laptop cooler most of the time for a bit of insurance. Thats why I'm focused a bit more on the smaller stuff. I'll call them on Monday about the build. Looks like it's actually a TONGFANG chassis though. Another company I'm just learning about...oh gosh! I'm sure the clevo chassis is not terrible or even bad really, I find it very plain which is good but both the xoticpc and HID guy didn't have many compliments about the build, even saying to be careful opening the lid and be extra sure not put any pressure on the lid. I take good acre of my things but that got me a bit worried and to keep looking. I hate being disappointed after spending money so I'm trying to be thorough. I may end up back where I started though and get a Sager, who knows. Sounds Like Origin might have good support like Xotic and HID, plus I'm having a hard time finding really negative things about them. Not saying I'll buy one but wanted to put them out there for others like me that are just learning about all these different companies. If I win the lotto I'll buy you that RTX600! Sorry for basically spilling out my personal research and silly reasoning on here but I figured maybe it'll help me or someone else find what they are looking for, or at least learn about something new.
  14. This might be the best deal for a full GTX 1060 in a nice looking chassis and lots of other good specs including i9 if you want it. I specd one with an i7, 500GB NVME, and 16GB RAM for about 1550$. https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/eon15-s/
  15. I do like that issues could be resolved with BIOS updates if necessary. This will be my main PC for work and personal use so I want to like the case and quality as much as the performance, you know, I want to eat my cake as well. So a few hundred extra doesn't kill me if it means I'll be happy with the whole package. So, I like the clean professional design of workstations and not so much gaming oriented cases. I wish I could get an MSI WS series with a GTX card, that would be my sweet spot I think. Good to know you were able to get a refund. Also good to know that Quadro cards are not a detriment, just not an advantage, I can live with that if necessary. Maybe a quadro helps with third party rendering, I havn't looked into that much yet. Lenovos are on sale right now, but the best WS only has a P2000 GP which I find interesting, but maybe in true CAD programs those are more than enough. MSI offers the P3200 but its a more expensive laptop I think. If only GPs were swappable in a slim form factor laptop, then this would be soooo much easier! I think this has been a good thread so far for all of us that are trying to make this decision, thanks to all for contributing. Anyone out there have experience with an Origin?
  16. Thanks Mark, always good to get some real world feedback. I'm still circling around between MSI and sager, both sales guys at the two customizers like MSI a bit better seemingly for build quality and cooling not necessarily performance. Clevo appears to get you the performance without style for less and MSI wraps it all in a nicer package. Now I'm looking at the workstations as well since I don't much care for the gaming look of the GE series. You have to pay for a quadro card with those, but get a 3 year warranty for no extra cost and 1 year accidental damage coverage which is nice. Although from reading posts on here it seems like chief might not work as well with the quadro for some reason? I'm afraid that I'll be really disappointed with the look and feel and the clevo for the money otherwise I think its a smart move. Unfortunately I'm really picky and hate cheaply built or looking anything, its a curse...Ha! This has been a bit of a rough journey but I've learned a lot so far.
  17. Thanks Mark, your comments on these posts are the only reason I know about these computers. I'd really like to buy something now which is really annoying since new models are about to come out. I guess that happens a lot these days. whatever I get I will have it repasted with better paste and run a laptop cooler under it whenever its stationary. Interesting about the BIOS, seems that HID is more expensive than exotic for some reason, I'll have to check again.
  18. Did you ever buy anything? I think I'm settled on a sager from Xoticpc. Talked to a very friendly guy there today for way longer than I ever expected someone to chat with me for, sounds like they'll be easy to deal with if I have any issues. The clevo case is not the best looking or probably the best built, but its the best bang for your buck and reliability seems good. You can also pretty easily change the specs so you don't pay for more than you need/ want. I think Razer has the best chassis out there but you can spec a sager to the same performance and probably have less issues with customer service. Looks like it'll be around $1850 USD, no tax or shipping for i7 8750 / gtx 1070maxQ / 16G ram / 144hz matte display / 256 NVME M.2 pcie primary storage with additional 2.5" drive bay. I cannot find anything else out there in a 15" slim form factor with those specs for the same money.
  19. I agree with what Mark said originally, use the molding polyline tool and delete the moldings on the individual cabinets. You can use that tool to run the molding however you like, in your case across both cabinets and the valance in one run. It should be an easy operation unless maybe you have not used that tool before.
  20. smart! I may employ that tactic if it gets annoying. Thanks!
  21. I noticed this while rendering some white cabinets. I couldn't figure out why the separation between some doors was hard to see in certain lighting while others stood out no problem. I'm not advocating for a user control but figured I'd ask just incase I was missing something. Seems like its just a case of some limited coding that could have been written better. Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy!
  22. I've noticed that the gap between the cabinet doors is different if I have and opening with double doors vs a partition to split the opening. Reveal is set to 1/16th inch and I'm using frameless full overlay for this example. With a partition I get about a 1/16th gap, without the partition I get a much smaller gap. Doesn't seem to be any setting for this unless I missed it. Either way I don't see any reason it should be different. Thanks!
  23. You could also build a Hackintosh if you want more flexibility on hardware and upgradeability. You can generally build a faster machine for much less money but you have to be willing to potentially do quite a bit of troubleshooting to get to up and running. You can check out Tonymacx86 if you are interested, tons of info and build lists there. I'm running one now and its been good to me but its not for everyone. I like MAC OS but hate the hardware restrictions and cost. Good Luck! Mike
  24. ah, ok. Thanks again for the help and advice! Help from you and others on here is invaluable and I truly appreciate you taking the time to contribute here. Mike