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  1. nVisionTEKBIM

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    I'd like to be that picky, but I've had many projects with builders that work with Chief and either provide me the file that is started, or want the file when I'm done. Although their name/logo is on the drawings so I'm more like outsourced labor which I'm fine with. Something I've learned though is, if anyone gives me a file to work on I charge an hourly rate. If I can do it from scratch than I may be able to do a flat-rate. Many times customers have given me files partially started and expected a discount. Even after my discount I discovered it didn't save me any time since I had to fix many issues in the file.
  2. nVisionTEKBIM

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    Yeah! It's like if we took our vehicle to a mechanic to have the transmission or engine worked on, then walk into their shop and tell them how to do their job. As drafters, all we need is the requirements (wither look or performance) of the finished home, and we do it. Now if I'm working for a builder or architect and they specify construction details, then it's their call, obviously.
  3. nVisionTEKBIM

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    Yep, I know. On a recent project I had a homeowner give me a file that they worked on in Home Designer, and wanted me to create permit & construction sets for them to build from. Not only was there issues in the design meeting code, but there were software glitches that made it a nightmare to work on in Chief. Then, the homeowner demanded the file at certain intervals so he could do some work on the design and give it back to me. He caused so many issues for me that I had to take my name off of the drawings so I'm not having subcontractors call/email me during construction with questions that waste my time. He would do research online and tell me how do do the framing, footings, ect.....all the stuff that is for professionals like us to manage.
  4. nVisionTEKBIM

    Adding Engineering & Construction Management Services

    Not really.
  5. Hello fellow Chief users! I'm curious if anyone has expanded their drafting service to include things like engineering, construction, construction management, interior design, ect.? If you have, how do you limit your liability for licensed professional services when you are a Chief drafter and not a licensed professional. I always tell my customers to go to their own engineer, so I'm not putting myself in a legal trap of liability for their services. Do you partner with other service providers, or do you have them as independent contractors as you would be outsourcing services that you don't perform yourself? My business has been myself for the last few years, but I'd like to eventually grow my business. I just don't want to have employees that I have to constantly pay when my workload is not stable. Also, how do you handle the communication between your customers and your outsource contractors? How would you even respond to your customers if their questions & issues are about a service you are not an expert on, which you outsource? Gosh, this is such a stressful thing to worry about.
  6. nVisionTEKBIM

    Deck Railing outside deck edge?

    Is it necessary for you to model it as fascia mounted? Or can you just reference a detail drawing showing how it should be built? I really wish Chief would get more options for railings. Offset deck railing is quite common.
  7. nVisionTEKBIM


    I took my business full time about 3 years ago when I had a few big projects lined up with a few repeat customers. You have to bring the boat close enough to the dock so when you make the leap you don't get wet. Last year I made well over $100k (actually closer to $200k) and it's just me other than a couple times I hired help. But I'm always working. I will tell you that when you are self employed, you have 2 options: either be swamped with work or don't have enough. Having "just enough work" for a 40-hr work week is dangerously close to having none at any moment. Anyways, I always prefer flat-rate over hourly when it's a project with a set scope of work. It becomes a win-win for both parties. I also switched to a retainer to put an end to the customers that vanish for weeks at the end of a project. They would get offended when I would bug them to pay my overdue invoice. It's amazing how relieving it is when I get paid up front, and it saves the relationship from going south. My rates are below average, but I've raised and lowered them as my demand changed. Lower rates helps you secure more work, but the problem with low rates is when you get super busy you can't afford to hire help. If your rates are too high, you will price yourself out of a few projects. Idk about the demand for work in your area, anyone else's area, but for me it has drastically reduced in the last few months. All of my customers (builders and architects) have been really slow, so it's been slow for me. I do residential and commercial locally and throughout the US, and both have been slow for me. I've been using my downtime over the last few months to learn new skills though. So never stop learning!
  8. nVisionTEKBIM

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Looks awesome, but I guess no automatic arrows to notes? I'm always impressed with the continuous improvements the Chief team makes, but I would think notes with arrows, and better movement of text arrows, would be pretty important.
  9. nVisionTEKBIM

    anyone in the pennslyvania area ??

    I'm originally from Central PA, but live in VA now. Looks like you are a Crosscutters fan, I take it? I learned Chief to have a better software for residential projects over Revit. Are you looking for opinions on deciding to learn Chief?
  10. nVisionTEKBIM

    Architectural Degree Required?

    I have a bachelors degree in Construction Management and a vo-tech degree (during high school) for architectural drafting. So you definitely don't need an architectural degree do start a drafting & design business. Just don't advertise your services as an architect and you'll be fine. Many architects would rather focus their time on designing and then hire drafters to do the drawings. It's a win-win in my view.
  11. nVisionTEKBIM

    Available for work if anyone is seeking services!

    Thanks for your response. I just emailed you.
  12. I've extended my sale another week. 12/2 through 12/9 you can get 30% off all services of a project of your own, or receive a 10% referral incentive* if you know someone that needs architectural services. Reach out if interested or have other questions. nVisionTEK, LLC Brochure.pdf
  13. For a limited time, nVisionTEK is offering all of our services at 30% off! Contact us ASAP if interested so we can help with your project needs. Don't need help but know someone that does? nVisionTEK will offer a 10% referral incentive!* nVisionTEK, LLC Brochure.pdf
  14. Hi, I'm about to have some availability in my schedule and wanted to reach out on here to see if anyone needed my services. Attached is a brochure with basic info. I can provide Chief Architect project examples upon request. I take great pride in delivering very high quality construction documents and modeling, and always get great feedback on my work. So let me help you! Thanks, Dustin Hetrick Owner of nVisionTEK, LLC nVisionTEK, LLC Brochure.pdf