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  1. Update here for everyone: So I did my as-built site survey this week using MagicPlan (https://www.magicplan.app/), and I so far I think it's fantastic! I didn't want to buy an expensive iPhone when I can use the android phone I just bought a couple months ago. So that was the reason I didn't want to try Canvas. I used MagicPlan on my android phone with a forearm phone holder (this allowed me to have both of my hands available instead of holding onto a clipboard and pen). MagicPlan works with my bluetooth laser and allows you to use your phone's camera to figure out the
  2. Hi jasonN. The output I use from HOVER is their 2D measurement report and the 3D model. I don't fully rely on the footprint HOVER gives me because it isn't great at recognizing wood framed decks and porches, but it can still be useful. I really like how it figures out the roof pitches, overhangs, chimney heights, parapet wall heights, ect. This is very helpful in modeling as-builts. I also rely more on the window/door dimensions from the interior with my manual measurements, but sometimes the HOVER window/door measurements can be helpful. I survey a lot of narrow lot h
  3. I don't know if it's quite section 8, but some of them have been nasty. I've surveyed home very high end homes, moderate homes, and poor condition homes, but I've had more poor condition homes lately. Everybody does things differently, but I'm definitely open to learning from others and maybe I'll see a reason to change how I do my surveys. At least using HOVER for the exterior has greatly saved me time on site. I highly recommend that to anyone that does surveys.
  4. Ah, I see. Sorry about that Gene. I like the idea of leveraging technology to make our lives easier, but I've just been in too many old crappy homes that I would never want my delicate work laptop to be in to risk getting damaged. Most of the homes I survey aren't occupied, and are often full of clutter or very dirty. Holes in exterior walls, steep stairs, no electricity, freezing cold in winter, ect. I'm sure I can't be the only one not wanting to bring our work laptops on site.
  5. What do you mean by this? I'm only using Magicplan (if it works for me on my next survey project) to get 2D plans that import into Chief Architect and do my as-built modeling and drawings. Hopefully this would replace my pen and paper, or most of it during my surveys. When did I ever imply I wasn't going to use Chief Architect for as-builts?
  6. I'm doing a trial of MagicPlan and so far it's really nice for my house. It is like a simpler version of the retired Chief Architect Room Planner app that works with your Bluetooth laser. It works with android, so no reason for me to spend $1,300 on an overpriced apple cell phone! I bought a Bluetooth laser a couple years ago and tried out the Room Planner app on a house survey. Sorry, Chief Architect, but that app was terrible and very slow to use. I'm going to try out Magicplan this week, so I'll let everyone here know how it goes for me. Importing 2D plans to trace o
  7. Let us know how it goes for you. It may be best for me to wait to buy an iPhone 12 when the 13 is released so I can save money.
  8. That right there is a major turn off for me. My template and modeling is very precise (as precise as is practical), so I would get very frustrated fixing crappy modeling. If the export to Chief is not great, I may be okay with 2D linework if it showed the correct thicknesses for walls, or some kind of 3D model that I can measure everything as I model the as-built in Chief. I've used point clouds in Revit before, but those scanners are thousands of dollars. Do you have any experience using matterport files to model your as-builts? I wonder if hiring or renting one of those things is
  9. Yes, of course. But all I found was the posts from the Canvas sales reps and I don't think anyone had any real experience using it with their export to Chief Architect option. It has 3.2 out of 5 stars on the Apple store, but I can't tell what is with Chief Architect. So I figured this is the best place to gather opinions.
  10. Anyone here use Canvas scanning for your as-built surveys, and if so, what's your opinions? I've been doing sketches with pen and paper using a measuring tape and laser, and then HOVER for the exterior. Occasionally I'll run into an old house that I struggle for a bit to piece my measurements together, even when I have a ton of videos/photos to help me. I'm very interested in changing my workflow to leverage Canvas to scan interiors of my as-builts, BUT I don't own any Apple products right now. I'd have to drop about a grand or so on an iPhone 12 pro and replace my android phone. I
  11. Hi Michael, I totally comprehend. Before starting my business I worked as a BIM coordinator for federal government projects using Revit. I'm well aware of what Revit is capable of, but it's terrible if you're a small (or 1-person) business trying to make a profit. Revit just requires a team of people to manage everything. It's totally ridiculous to use it for residential projects and think you can be as profitable as you can be with Chief Architect. I consider myself a high-level expert with Revit....and I think it totally sucks for residential.
  12. Thanks for your opinion! Yeah, once you learn a software that works better for you, it's painful to go backwards. I successfully got my customer to let me do Chief on all of their projects! I just couldn't bear using Revit anymore, and they didn't want to loose me Chief just makes working on residential projects fun. Revit is a nightmare each and every time.
  13. I copy the material and give it a generic name and save it in my user folder. It took me awhile to realize it was that easy lol
  14. Hey y'all. I've been using Chief for a few years now as I was seeking a more efficient way to draft and model residential houses. I'm VERY skilled in Revit, but I've come to seriously HATE it after I became proficient with Chief. I have an architect that uses Revit and has me work with their file. They were my very first customer and we have a great working relationship, but I am very annoyed having to use Revit for their projects. This architect always appreciates my high quality work and construction detailing knowledge. I've talked a lot of about the benefits of Chief, and they