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  1. Old topic, but beware when getting estimates. I'm pricing out a new ductless AC for new construction, and found the numbers to be way off. Good to contact local contractors as well to compare. The bids I received were twice what the cost estimator tool gave me.
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    Love the look of this. Great to see this come to reality.
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    kitchen rendering

    Great looking stuff!
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    Renderings and Visualizations
  5. Newer to the forum, but still new to the software also. I had bought it to work on the house I'm going to build. I'm on about my 5th floor plan, and it looks like it may still be a while before the house gets built. Just practicing/learning in the meantime.
  6. I did figure out another way. (maybe quicker). Auto generate roof, then turn off auto roof. Delete all except one lookout in plan view. Move to desired location in plan view. (lookouts don't go to edge of rafter at eaves. Extend, multi-copy up the roof plane, raise height, done! Thanks again. Chopsaw, looking forward to see what you have going on with the toolset.
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. The ideas about using the generated lookouts as purlins is what got me going in the right direction. At this point I'm drawing my roof plane, adding a 1 1/2" air space above my rafter to make room for the purlins. Roof surface is corr. steel panels. Once the roof shapes and overhangs look good, I turn off auto roof, select all lookouts on one edge and delete. Select lookouts on other edge, raise height by 1 1/2", and extend all the way across the roof plane. The only issue I see is not being able to grab all "purlins" at once and extend them. Each one has to be done in turn. See attached.
  8. Please refer to attached images. I'm pondering how to do something along these lines in CA using X8. Assuming the following. Beam pockets in walls for the larger beams. layers for roof over interior structure include usual OSB with paper and corr. metal, and ceiling to int. roof with gyp board. I've tried different techniques and can't quite get there. Do you do deck/porch room and create a custom roof structure? Manually place beams and create an "elevated deck" for the porch covering? I'm sure there are some advanced techniques I'm not aware of to accomplish this. Can someone take a look and suggest a workable solution? Thanks!