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  1. Hi There, I am a current chief architect user and have a question in regards to the contour tool and driveway tool. I have a plan that has a sloping site that I am trying to accurately portray in 3d for both client and the Local Council. From the road front the site slopes left to right and from the back to front. (I have attached Images shown what I currently have) My question is there something that I am missing I have also tried in elevation converting/extracting a polyline solid but it doesn't quite work. I have attached a link to the 3d viewer but can add a plan if need be.
  2. no worries, I will update signature shortly. (I did have an account but has gone since I last logged in which had all my info)
  3. Hi There, I'm sure this question may have been asked and/or answered at some stage...but is there a way (in chief) of showing awning windows opened in 3D? I have attcahed an example of what I am meaning. Any help would be appreciated.