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  1. Stephen

    No ceiling showing

    Good evening, In the room specification a material is needed. I added drywall to your model as shown in the attached specification db. Using or reviewing one of CA's templates will help you understand the specifications.
  2. Stephen

    Stairs And Door

    Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate reading all of the comments that you folks continue to post. Robert, I took your instructions and was also successful. THANK YOU! Have a great week!
  3. Stephen

    Stairs And Door

    Thank you for the replies. I agree with the code issues. However, I am creating a set of As-Built plans and wish to portray the building accurately. The trouble that I am having is using the stair mitering tool. Do you happen to know what the secret to mitering identical stairs similarly to the plan that I posted above? Thank you so much for your continued posts. I enjoy reading them. Take care, Stephen
  4. Stephen

    Stairs And Door

    Good evening, I have a similar stair scenario for a set of as-built drawings. I am attempting to miter the stairs, and have the "Allow Wrap" box checked. However, the stairs do not miter, as I am hoping they would. Has anyone had issues similar to this that you have overcome? I realize that I can create landing or polyline solids to create the look, but I was hoping to use the built in stair tools. Attached is the plan file. The stairs are on the second level. Thank you, Stephen 2017-002_E17-0082-9875 W Morrison Rd_AS-Built.plan