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  1. Hi Portrait, I´d like to ask you a question, see if you can help me. I´ve imported a chief model into 3ds Max following the steps you posted in a thread and it works well separating the materials. For me at the moment it´s easier to do the model in chief and work on the materials for the final render in 3d Max. Is it possible to apply materials in 3D Max per items? At the moment if I change one object´s material (ex. door frame) it changes all the other objects in the design that use that material. Could i just bring the model from chief, make everything white and start applying materials item per item? Many thanks for your help.

    1. portrait



      Yes, what you have asked is -of course- possible. But it needs more intermediate 3D Max skills, and some familiarity with material properties. It's very difficult to tell how to achieve this, but i tried in the attached pdf file with very basic instructions.

      I assumed that you had basic 3D Max skills, so i'm sorry if i'm wrong and the language is under your level.

      Hope that helps you a little bit.

      Best regards,



    2. MMLdesign


      Hi Portrait! It worked!!! I followed the instructions in your pdf and seems to work well. Thank you soooo much for your help. Regards from Spain!


    3. portrait


      Great to hear that it worked! Always ask me if you have further questions. Greetings from Turkey!