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  1. marland393

    deck not framing

    Wow! That fixed it! Thanks so much!!! Kimberly
  2. marland393

    deck not framing

    it's 26 MB... I will have to copy and delete something..
  3. marland393

    deck not framing

    Hi, Premier, X10 user... My decks are framing as solids, no joists, no planking. See the two mini decks with white railings in the image. On the house model, you might notice that the upper deck is framed, but the lower deck is solid. The lower deck is on Floor 1 with a Floor 0 foundation below it. I have tried re-build, floor settings, un-check retain framing, and everything else I could think of. Ideas? Thanks, Kimberly Marland Architecture Boone, NC Hi,
  4. marland393

    Known Current Bugs In X8 Beta?

    Thanks, Alan, I will try that... Kim
  5. marland393

    Known Current Bugs In X8 Beta?

    I have been using X8 Beta and downloaded the updates this morning. My perspective overviews shrunk when printing to PDF. Attached image has the layout view above the PDF view. I have the views set to update on demand. Ideas? other than just sending an image to layout? Thanks, Kim
  6. marland393

    Custom Muntins In Arch Top Window?

    With a little more trial-and-error method I finally got it to align (close enough). I followed suggestions by Dennis and had the two side windows lites created in the window specification. Then I drew muntin lines AND a top arch over the top sash/frame member, made one CAD block for the center window, and did the "Load Custom Muntins" button. After adjusting the line placement several times, I am happy with this alignment and moving on... Thanks for responding to my post with suggestions! Have a great day!
  7. marland393

    Random Slivers Of Materials That Won't Delete

    It seems a tiny and apparently unnecessary roof plane in the cone roof was to blame. I was adjusting the planes in the cone roof and found an extra plan that seemed to be a duplicate. I deleted it and the random OSB went away as well as another sliver shooting out of the back of the house... Thanks for the suggestions! Kim
  8. Sometimes I get random slivers of materials jutting out from my building that I can usually fix by moving a wall or adjusting the roof. In the picture, I have two pieces of OSB that, when selected, are part of the room that is under the near dormer. I can delete the surface in 3D view, but it regenerates automatically in the elevation view before I can update the layout page. How can I get rid of these scraps of OSB? Can I stop the automatic regeneration? Thanks! Kim Version X6
  9. marland393

    Custom Muntins In Arch Top Window?

    I am hoping to fix the muntins, not change the window shapes. I am struggling with CA's automatic drawing features today when it is trying to be really smart and not just drawing what I think I am asking it to draw... I also have a couple of random slivers of OSB shooting out from the house that I can't source and delete... I'll post that as a new topic...
  10. Muntins in this arch top, triple casement are not aligning. I get this same result if I use the lites selection in the window, and also if I draw lines, make CAD blocks (three seperate), and load custom muntins. When it loads the muntins, CA stretches the cad blocks to fit causing the center one to mis-align... Help? Thanks!