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  1. dhowardaia

    Technique Needed For Matching A Plot Plan

    Here's how I would do it: 1. figure out the angle between the side of the house and the 110.00' PL to the left of it. This is basic trig. Since you've got two dimensions to the house that are perp. to the PL (12.2' and 24') the B-side of the triangle is 11.8' (24.0 - 12.2) and the hypotenuse is 24.29'+35.37'. If you can't remember your highschool trig, there are plenty of online calculator that will do it for you 2. place a point marker that coincides with the corner of the back deck by using the 10.0' and 15.4' dimensions to draw lines that are perp to the side and rear PLs respectively. the marker goes at the intersection of those two lines 3. move the polygon and the marker using point-to-point move so the marker is on the corner of the deck. Now place a temporary point directly on the marker. Select the polygon and use rotate about last point to rotate the polygon so the 110' PL is parallel to the side of the house. Then use transform-replicate to rotate the polygon "about current point" the known angle you calculated in step one. Good luck, D
  2. dhowardaia

    Need Circular Stair Help.

    Is the Lenin closet where you lock up the Communists? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  3. dhowardaia

    Super Size Pdf's On The Pc

    Convert the pdfs to jpg, then import
  4. I don't want fill on the labels. what does this check box do?? It doesn't seem to have any effect
  5. dhowardaia

    misbehaving pattern orientation on curved Psolid

    Glenn, worked like a charm. Many thx D
  6. dhowardaia

    misbehaving pattern orientation on curved Psolid

    Yes, watercolor w/ color toggled off. Settings attached. Kind of nice and sketchy. No more "I don't like the wall color" comments from the clients. D
  7. dhowardaia

    misbehaving pattern orientation on curved Psolid

  8. I created this barrel vault ceiling by drawing a p-solid in section and applying a "strip" pattern & texture material to it. It is one continuous solid. Why does the pattern change orientation (incorrectly) at the apex? D