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  1. Thanks for this solution. I had same problem.
  2. Thank you! The window pass through is the ticket. Just for future reference, if using the resizing the wall method, is there a way to trim the wall edges to look finished?
  3. Happy New Year everybody. I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a wall above that follows rising stairway. In the screenshot, I'm trying to fill in above the stairway leaving the bottom open. I'm betting there's a method to do that but I can't find it on videos or any other help. Any ideas? Stairway following
  4. After creating rails in several different places in a 3 story plan, I want to change them. I'm somewhat familiar with the marquis tool but was wondering if there's a more graceful method to change the default then apply that to all rails.
  5. Adding on to this 7 year old thread, is there a way to swap the start and end of a wall without re-drawing the wall? In this case I need the left side of this exterior wall to be the start so I can adjust the length.
  6. Thank you all for the comments. Now, back to the roof.
  7. Mark3D: Thank you for the effort. I've been trying to reverse engineer what you did to get it that far but I can't reproduce it on my plan after substantial trying. I made the two obvious changes on my plan but it doesn't seem to effect the roof. I've cleared my plan of most everything except the exterior walls for testing Driftwood Plan 1.09 (Test plan).plan. Could you share exactly what you did to get the auto build to where you got it? Here's the two changes that I saw:
  8. I'm trying to ween myself off of drawing roof planes manually (as was suggested in a previous Q/A-ha ha) in favor of using automatic. In this case I have a couple of wall bump outs that are giving me fits. I've tried adding invisible walls and changing gable settings. I'll bet its a really simple fix but I haven't been able to crack that nut. Anybody care to try to make adjustments necessary to make the roof automatically on this plan? (Desired I appreciate even hints! Here's the auto roof result: And here's the desired roof:
  9. Thanks Doug. I think that works fine but I already have all the other roof planes manually built. Turning on auto build now to build the gullwing roof would build all the auto roof planes over all the manual ones. I was just trying to avoid that.
  10. No problem drawing the gullwing manually in two planes. I was just thinking there might be a trick to having a manually drawn roof plane regenerate itself into a gullwing without affecting the rest of the roof planes. I should see if I can make all the roof planes draw automatically with roof and room defaults. I haven't been able to yet but I'm trying! Thank you all.
  11. Thank you Doug. Problem is, once I turn on automatically build roofs, all the roofs regenerate, even in sections that I have manually drawn roofs. So in those sections, I now have two different roof planes, one of which will require manually deleting. I know I'm missing something.
  12. On my remodel-add-on project I'm trying to add a gullwing roof to an addition room. I've already drawn the as-built home with manual and edited roof planes so I don't want them disturbed. The only way I see to add gullwing roof planes is to have CA rebuild all roof planes, ie, the single new gullwing roof plane can be specified in the wall specification dialog but it doesn't change the new roof plane from flat to gullwing automatically. The "Retain Manually Drawn Roof Planes," and "Retain Edited Automatic Roof Planes" options can be used but CA still builds new automatic roof planes that have to removed individually (second screenshot). I guess the only way is to draw the gullwing is in two manual roof planes. Anybody know a better way?
  13. Ah Ha! Check mark in "Show S Markers on Stepped Foundation Footings." Thanks Eric.
  14. I should know what these symbols that mysteriously appear are but can't find them in searches. What do you suppose they're trying to tell me?
  15. Thanks for staying with me Eric. The jagged roof plane is over a default top plate and over the increased height ("+?") top plate. The roof plane specification for the jagged roof displays only the default top plate and baseline. So, once I create the new roof plane, I don't know what height to raise it to.
  16. Problem I'm having is determining exactly what the ceiling height is. The room spec shows the default ceiling height, not the automatically created attic wall height that I'm trying to match.
  17. Thanks Eric. I know I'm missing a setting or default somewhere. The roof plane gets set on the default baseline. I was really wanting it to go at the adjacent wall height.
  18. I'm trying different roof planes to finish up a corner of this plan. I can't seem to find a way to accurately draw the attic wall height to match an adjacent wall. I can get it close by adjusting it on an elevation view but I don't believe it's dead on accurate. I know I'm overlooking something and I don't see any videos on this. Do you have an elegant way of creating this wall such that a roof plane can be created on it?
  19. I created a layer to use in a remodel project but now don't need it. I was able to delete the Layer Set that I created but am having trouble deleting the layer. The "Delete" button is grayed out. Is there a way to get rid of it?
  20. I made a simple thing complex. Thanks to all for the help!
  21. Hi all, In this plan# 3.02.15 when inserting a door on an interior wall, CA inserts the default exterior door. The images on the default panel are correct but are labeled "Exterior" for both Interior and Exterior doors. I believe it worked correctly in this plan before but now it doesn't. I suspect that CA thinks the interior wall I'm trying to place the door on is an exterior wall because CA thinks the perimeter walls don't connect, however I've checked them and actually drew a perimeter wall around the plan just to test. It didn't have any effect. Oddly enough I checked to see how a brand new clean plan behaves. In the new test plan door insertion does work properly except that the default images are reversed, that is, the interior default image label is "Exterior" and visa versa. What do you think? Plan 3.02.15 Defaults Plan 3.02.15 inserted door on interior wall New Test Plan Defaults New Test Plan inserted Interior Door New Test Pla inserted Exterior Door ? Driftwood Plan
  22. Thanks you two. Used the input point coordinates and point to point move tricks. You all keep helping me and I might graduate from novice to beginner..