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  1. Scratch....was something in the Template I created....
  2. Hello Everyone, Quick question.... When I draw a standard brick wall, it appears only the main (yellow layer in this case) is showing. I have set the display options to "All On". Still not seeing the brick layers. When I draw other wall types (ICF - Stone Front)... all layers show up.....I'm at a loss...additionally, when the wall is selected, an outline of the walls true thickness shows up
  3. I can use some work. Greg 512.234.1119
  4. I appreciate it Richard! I ended up following the lead of another set of prints I had sent to me that were done by an "architect. The HVAC system was the question. The drawing was pretty generic (listed "proposed HVAC" ) with a note stating the builder responsibility for proper installation and equipment. I did the work, added the page, then charged for the extra time. I later spoke to a 3rd party inspection service ( who takes care of permitting) and let know that the HVAC companies will do it for the builder. My customer is a first time investor who insisted I do the page. Greg Christenson (Grego)-GregoPlanDesign Learning as I go. x10 Premier on Windows10 (User since 2003)or so off and on
  5. I asked the city and they are telling me I need those pages. I have a brother who is a construction manager and his companies designer does not include those pages with his plan set. I am trying to determine if the HVAC company and the plumbing company provide them for submitting to the city. I cleaqrly do not know how to produce those pages as I know nothing about HVAC layout. Thank you for responding!
  6. In 2009 or 2010 I was submitting plans to city w/o a separate page for plumbing or HVAC. I sat out for a while and now am drawing again just a bit. My builder is telling me I need these pages for the city. Can I get some clarification on this. I show where the bath tub and commode go and the water heater and that sort of thing. I'm looking at Architects plan for a guest house here in Austin and I do not see any MEP just the normal items that my plans show. Can anybody help me understand what I am needing to provide. City is Fort Worth , TX
  7. Thanks for the help on this Glen. I got side tracked and could not get back to the problem. I did change the wall definition for Housewrap back to zero per your advice and it is straightened out ....Thanks again
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  10. I thought of that but did not try it because assumed Chief would not wrap the sheet rock at any gap created between the two walls Nice, I'll offer option to the Builder. but then I feel like I need a room above the front porch . Plan gets a bedroom bath and closet over garage. Thanks again solver....I'm still working on the other but put on hold til I finish this one.
  11. Awesome Thread! How about a thick interior wall, say 10", with a niche or inset to 3 1/2" and a door set inside the niche to the study. Tims House
  12. I'm Relatively inexperienced but would think you would could use same materials but defined slightly different texture or properties, say as concrete rather than wood. This is not new to Chief I am sure. Find the tutorials on creating your own concrete lintels, Wall, ect. Search google for "chief Architect concrete lintels for example. I'm really surprised some of these guru's have not responded to this post as these guy's can do just about anything.
  13. Wall specification defines the total wall as 9 1/2 inches and includes the sheetrock. All I did was to increase the "air gap" Layer to create a brick ledge that was 5 1/2" or formed with a 2X6. I have done this before with no trouble. The dimension is showing 5 1/2 on the left rear and and 5 9/16 on right. Anyway, total thickness of the wall layers was suppose to be 9 !/2. I just solved it during the crafting of this post, but can not understand why moving the 1/16th inch thickness from "air gap" to the "housewrap layer would change how chief sees the calculation. If you cannot figure out what I am trying to explain, I understand.....cause I don't understand.... in the end I moved the width of 1/16th inch from air to wrap...most likely a glitch Timmy _
  14. Also just noticed that wall are not joining as they should. This all happened after I was experimenting with the layers.
  15. I'm using X10. I have also been playing with layer sets but seems like anything I did there would affect all corner measurements Tims House
  16. NOt sure if this will show it but tried to take a screen shot. The Brick ledge is suppose to be set at a total of 5 1/2 Inches. All corners calculate it at 5 1/2 inches except this one in the back right which is calculating 5 9/16. Does anybody know why this is happening?
  17. Getting Closer Solver. Went back and made it look as close to yours as I could then started playing with the plate heights again. I am not sure but wondering if plate height changes allow for second pitch at eaves to work better. Anyway, all in all I think your version is the cleaner (plate heights the same) of the looks.
  18. That it solver!...What I am looking for...notice you cleaned up where the ridge falls in or how they stack above the bedroom.
  19. Really nice....Big box looks really good. What is the pitch at two story? Eaves flatten out which was look I was goinf for for. Can you tell me setting for pitch and location of pitch in relation to baseline? And the textures on the comp. shingle is smooth and doesn't look like the pattern repeats. Not to start another topic but I'm having trouble with that and staring to wonder if it has to do with graphic card. ( invidea x470)