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  1. I am working with a new builder. He would like all bearing walls on floors above the foundation to look different in plan view. 


    Does anyone out there do this? If so, what is your methodology? 

    Currently I see only the option to create a "bearing wall" wall type using a different fill.

    Does Chief offer a good solution for this?




  2. Yes. The planes do not join correctly because the needed orientation of the baseline is unknown and the needed roof pitch is also unknown. 


    I came up with a solution that uses CA geometry. It works perfectly and creates a roof plane that joins all edges correctly. Looks great!


    If any are interested in the solution, leave a comment and I will create a video showing how I resolved this. 


    Best regards,


  3. I have an odd roof plane I need to draw. It is a simple triangle shape but each of the triangle points needs to be at a different elevation, making each edge non-parallel to the floor. It also make it difficult to determine the correct direction to draw the roof plane's baseline.  See attached pics.


    Any ideas on how to draw a triangle roof plane like this would be greatly appreciated.


    It would be nice if the "Change Roof Pitch or Height" dialog offered one more button to "Pivot About Selected Edge". 







  4. Given a simple L-shape stair set made up of three sections, a single starter step at the bottom, a 3-step winder and a finishing set of 11 steps, I need to remove/delete the first starter step. How is this done? I need the stairs to start on the bottom with the winders. Do I have to delete the whole thing ad redraw the stairs?



  5. I searched the web for a good tool to keep track of my jobs. I have been using a magnetic board with strip magnets and Brother labels, (see attachments).

    This system works well but is time consuming and available only in my office. I wanted something that ate up less time and was available to wherever I was. I began a search on-line and finally came across a tool that was almost identical to what I had designed and implemented with the board. This on-line tool is offered by Shore Labs. The tool is called Kanban Tool. It mimics the Kanban Method. 

    I am currently using the free version of the tool but will soon switch to the paid version. I now have quick, easy updating of my work and work processes that is available to me at my desk, wherever my desk happens to be. 

    From their web site...

    Kanban Tool is a visual process management solution that helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with Kanban method.

    Visit them at