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  1. Any ideas what causes the render issue shown in the attached picture? The stone is not overlapping the brick in the 3D view though it is in the plan view. Thank you for your help and consideration.
  2. Thank you gents for your help. Got the dialog back using the Preferences>Reset Options>Reset Dialog Sizes option. Thanks again!
  3. Attempting to import a DWG. Selected File>Import Drawing (DWG, DXF)... This is in a New plan right after opening CA. Chief thinks the dialog is open but it is nowhere on the screen. I've attempted this several times to ensure the dialog is not behind the CA window. End up having to close CA via Task Manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, LaVor
  4. Been searching for a while now and cannot find it... How do you set the move increment value. By default it is 1". That means, after selecting an object, I can hit an arrow key and the object moves 1" per hit. I need to change it. Thanks!
  5. Rob, I shut off the "No room definition" on the garage back attic wall, leaving the "Attic wall" and "No locate" options selected. That resolved the issue. Thanks! Will send on to the client now. This appears to be an issue with the software but it does have a simple workaround. Thanks all!
  6. Glenn, I checked ceiling heights and all are correct. All house, porches and garage are to be 121 1/8". Note that the front porch is the same structure as the rear porch but it does not exhibit the same issue.
  7. Michael, that is what I thought but there is no room defined in any of the highlighted area on the second floor or attic.
  8. Where is this ply deck coming from? See pics. The highlighted ply is highlighted using the "Delete Surface" tool. Plan file backup is also attached. The plywood decking spans over three rooms, porch, breakfast and a portion of the garage. Thank you for sleuthing this. Any help is much appreciated!
  9. Does anyone have an efficient procedure for changing a foundation from one type to another, i.e. a monolithic slab to a crawl? I typically end up deleting the foundation and starting over. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys!. Got it. Did not know about the need to convert. All done, looks great!
  11. I have been trying to create a poly-line solid as shown below in the attached picture. I have tried manual editing of surface lines and poly-line subtraction with absolutely no luck. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. How do I adjust the ceiling joist width for a single room? I see where to adjust it for the floor default but cannot find how to do so for an individual room.
  13. Is there a way to apply a style palette to windows within a mulled unit?I have simple window twins and triples which I would like to change using the style palette tool but cannot.
  14. How do the experts deal with this? Second floor exterior wall with a sloped roof plane against the wall. Wall passes by the roof plane and becomes an interior wall. How do you change from an exterior wall with siding to an interior with drywall, following the slope of the roof?
  15. Steve, Thank you for the information. It worked fine. Thought I had tried that setting before but must have not. I am still debating whether I will do a foundation wall or point footers under the columns. So, currently I have both the porch room and the extended slab in place. I will eventually eliminate one of them. Thanks again and have a super weekend!
  16. I have a plan with a monolithic slab foundation. It has a large porch with the floor dropped 4" from the main floor. The porch uses a monolithic footer, supposedly stepped down (4") from the main foundation. How do I get the step-down to model properly. Currently the porch foundation maintains the main floor elevation as seen in the attached picture. Also, in plan view the porch foundation wall does not have the same visual characteristics as the house foundation wall, as can be seen in the attached picture. I also attached the plan (X11). Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. This is a preexisting A-frame with the two wings to be added.
  17. I need to specify a duplex outlet with the bottom receptacle hot and the top receptacle switched. What is the proper 2d symbol to designate this on a plan? Thanks!
  18. This is the door. Note that it has a transom with an arched top as well as an arched bottom to match the door arch. If you have a reasonably matching symbol are you willing to share or sell? Thanks! LaVor
  19. Thank you ChopSaw. I had not found that plat map. I did find others at the assessor web site. I too would like to know the nomenclature of the legal description. I've never seen it before. I sent it to a surveyor I work with on occasion. If he can decipher it I will let you know.
  20. Time and money. The client needs just a simple and not accurate property drawing, showing existing buildings for a meeting with the zoning board. If the zoning board will change the zoning from commercial to agriculture then the client will proceed to the next step which would include a survey. A survey would also take several weeks to complete and the meeting is next week.
  21. Is there someone available that help me interpret a legal description of a property. I need to draw the property and have a legal description that I do not understand. The description comes from the tax assessor's office. Legal Description: W348.56 SW SW LESS N601.53 THEREOF & LESS W50 N272.12 S APR 718.47 W348.56 SW SW & LESS BEG SWC SW TH N APR 446.35 E30 S APR 195.63 CRV RT APR 247.83 SE APR 95.43 S APR 148.50 W348.56 POB SEC 1 19 10 3.524ACS Below is the picture provided by the assessor web site:
  22. Is there a way to use it as a, and I am not sure of the terms to use, reference label? Such that it is in a text box with an arrow pointing to the layout box. This so I do not have to turn on the Layout Box Labels layer.