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  1. I am not very familiar with Ruby... trying to learn as I have time.


    What precedes "result = referenced_full_filename.rpartition("_Builders/")[2].rpartition("/")[0] " and what follows it to get it to work in CA?



  2. @Alaskan_Son contacted me and wrote a macro that pulls the path string I need.  Did a great job at a very reasonable price. Thank you @Alaskan_Son!


    Joe, I set up your suggestion and found that it works well too.  I do have a question for you, or anyone that might know the answer... how do you get the Ruby Attributes of a Layout Box that can be used?


    Actual path (filename not included):

    C:\Users\zbook17g3\OneDrive\_Business\DesignsByLaVor\_WorkX11\_Builders\CH - Compass\Clients\Working\Hancock - Hardin

    Your suggestion from above:

                                                                                                                                    CH - Compass/Clients/Working/Hancock - Hardin/Hardin

    I would like to have:

                                                                                                                                    CH - Compass/Clients/Working/Hancock - Hardin



  3. Anyone out there offer Ruby services for $?  I need a fairly simple macro created.

    I need a label for my layout files that will display the path of the layout file (%file%), truncating the first nn characters.

    i.e.  d:\Users\username\DesignWork\CAX11\Builders\Builder_1\Standard_Plans\Plan_1

           with nn=43 would display as:





    Can this be done in X11 without writing a macro?


    Thanks much!

  4. I am designing a few townhouse units. Once I have one unit designed I want to mirror-copy it to create a second unit. This all works great... except for the Room Type. The Room Type is not copied so I have to select each room and set its type in the new unit.

    Is there a way, a setting, a special tongue placement, that can be set/used during the copy to force the copying of the room type?


  5. Mick, 


    Feel free to contact me with question and ideas.  

    I realized today, while running electrical in a plan that the two symbols need to have the, (I think it is), "Report in schedule' checkbox cleared so the items are not listed in the electrical schedule.  I do not use the schedules so did not think to clear the checkbox when I created the symbols.  


    Have a super day!

  6. I've been an active user of Chief Architect for about 15 years now. I am currently using the X11 and have an SSA.  In all of these years using the software I have been frustrated with a couple things in the electrical area. First was the terrible placement of electrical connectors, they were never placed in a way that was visually appealing. I was always wasting time adjusting the lines after placement just to make them look nice on the plan.  Thank you Chief, in X11 the lines now, most of the time, place in a visually acceptable manner. A great time saver when doing the electrical! 


    The second, frustrating issue is the lack of programming to address the floor-to-floor light switching. I have over the years visited ChiefTalk hoping someone had a good solution to address this issue. I have never liked any of the proposed solutions, namely placing the correct 3-way or 4-way switch on each floor then placing cad arcs or splines to represent the electrical connector. I felt it to be a time waster and it just did not feel right using a cad line instead of an electrical connector. 


    So, in response to my frustration with floor-to-floor switching I came up with an idea and ran with it. I created two floor-to-floor connector symbols. The symbols are identical except that one is designated as being switched and the other is not switched.  Both are, in plan view, a 2" circle, defined as an electrical item, In 3D they are a 2" clear glass sphere and attach to the ceiling, being virtually invisible in a 3D rendering. When I am doing a floor-to-floor switch connection I place the switched symbol in the stair well then connect the switch to the symbol. The switch then automatically changes to a 3-way. I have a set of text labels that I then place over the switched symbol to indicate the usage of the switch, i.e. "To light above", etc. I have attached an X11 library containing the two floor-to-floor symbols, (switched and not switched), and the text labels I use.


    I hope these will save you a bit of time. Enjoy!



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  7. Placing joist direction labels always shows "I-joist" floor structure when there is a room above.  I need to display a standard 2x10 structure. I am not able to do this. In Default Settings---Framing (framing defaults-1st-Subfloor for floor 2-Edit)---Floor Structure Definition (Structure Type) the Structure Type is set to "Lumber" and is always grayed out and not selectable.  

    Question 1: Where/How do I set the Structure Type

    Question 2: Why does "I-joist" show in the floor direction label when the Structure Type is set to "Lumber"?


    See attached picture


    using Chief x!0




    Thank you!

  8. I played with it some more and found that selecting the room, (the open below room), gave me a drag handle on the floor bottom.  I drug that handle down to the foundation wall top. This action resolved the issue.


    Best regards.



  9. I am looking for a structural engineer willing to review and define structural plans for residential plans in Wyoming. This would be an engineer to work with me, mostly remotely, in an on going basis. 


    Please respond if you are interested or know someone who would be interested.


    Best regards,

    LaVor Haynie

    CA X10 

    15 years CA experience

  10. Just installed X10. Getting my feet wet learning about "Plan Views". Watched videos, scanned ChiefTalk, read help files. 


    I use legacy plans for about 80% of my work. Is there a way to import plan views into pre-X10 plans?


    Thank you!

    LaVor Haynie

    Been Chiefin' since 2004...

  11. I think it is an OK solution. 

    I would like to see a right mouse context menu option to select the wall and set it as a bearing wall. With that selection Chief would then change the plan view look of the wall to what ever was set as the default look for a bearing wall.  This would be much faster than opening the wall dialog, selecting wall types panel, select the bearing wall type from the pull down then finally hitting the OK button.

    Just hoping someone had a faster solution.