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    How do you Remove/Delete a Stair Section

    Left click and drag still leaves the stair section attached to the winders and won't remove the stair tread. You can change the size of the tread but not disconnect it?
  2. Ace_Drafting

    How do you Remove/Delete a Stair Section

    I have found this to be the case when stair sections are connected by a landing. However when connected by winders the entire staircase still gets selected. I have often been in this same situation and have resorted to re-doing the staircase, however it would be interesting to see if someone has come up with a way to disconnect a stair section from winders.
  3. Ace_Drafting

    Fence layer reversal X8-X9

    Just a quick heads up. I recently opened a town planning drawing I started in x8 in X9 to continue with construction drawings and noticed that the picket style fence had been reversed. Seems this is happening to all my plans. Fence rails get moved to outside of pickets, but posts remain on the right side. Gates do not seem to be affected, just the fence panels. Not a big issue to fix, just thought I would let you know. Have sent it though to Tech support as well. Cheers, Anders
  4. Ace_Drafting

    Where did my Electrical Panel Go ?

    Chopsaw, I recently had the same thing happen with a mail slot from the library set on the face of a polyline solid plinth (mail box). Displayed ok in plan but disappeared in elevation. Turned out the symbol had rotated around z axis and was embedded in the solid - but only when viewed in elevation. Opened symbol, rotated and it displayed correctly. Only happened once and I don't know why.
  5. Ace_Drafting

    Chief Architect Users Australia

    Seasdes, I think you will enjoy the many features Chief has to offer, especially if you are coming from a 2d cad background. We are based in Melbourne and switched to Chief three years ago- haven't looked back. There are a few issues with getting things to display correctly as we build things here in Australia, but there are plenty of work arounds on the forums that are a great help. As facer_03 stated, if you frequently design outside the norm you might come across more issues. Also SSA comes free for your first year and our experience is that Chief Architect are usually very prompt in replying to any tickets. Hope this helps.