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  1. Thanks Robert. I had done this 'trick', but here problem arises of continuous error of not connecting walls with the cursor. So, not a satisfactory way. Chief developers should make like Pony Wall solution, where upper wall can be made a railing. Habib
  2. Hi there. I tried much, couldn't find any method in Chief to make Fences over Railings, which is required in many real world cases. I am not talking about Terrain Wall fences; rather, upper floors. Any idea? Regards.
  3. DRAWZILLA, By drone imagery we can get 1" elevation difference by using lot of close photos; actually it depends on pixels details of the pictures. For accuracy; it is 'relatively accurate'; but if we want 'absolute accuracy' we need to have Ground Control Points for the area. In a house construction, absolute accuracy, therefore absolute coordinates, are not always necessary. Relative accuracy, by arbitrary benchmark/coordinates, is quite enough there. Eric, I am not talking about where to get GIS data; talking how to import georeferenced or even un-georeferenced aerial imagery upon Chief Architect's imported (vector) terrain.
  4. Imagery doesn't mean Google Satellite only; professionally GIS people use 'rectified' imagery which is quite accurate to work on. Also, UAV aerial imagery, which has pixels resolution in centimeters, being used lot now. I myself use Phantom 3 Pro for Terrain and Imagery.
  5. I will wait for anyone who did tests about satellite or aerial imagery upon Terrain Perimeter with exact scale. What I know yet, the method is; import the relevant land data in points (file>import terrain data). Those points amount and land limit should already be determined by any civil software (like Civil 3D). Then prepare the aerial imagery of that limited land. Then, in CA, make material of that imagery upon that Terrain as Fit. But, the imagery couldn't show in 3D standard or rendered view, only varying patches of the imagery do show. Every time we go to 3D>Rebuild 3D, those patches change shapes; completely disappointing. While, as mentioned above, this doesn't related to graphics performance. In very simple imagery and plain terrain, I also get disturbance in material imagery. Yes, may be, some graphics settings will be required. In this age of geomatics, projects cannot be done until we have existing imagery of that part of land. CA giving very well import of Vector data (points/dxf etc.); but should give us option to import Raster data (such as geotiff imagery) as terrain material.
  6. Chief has a good option of importing (Survey) Elevation data as Points; so we can bind our building work with real ground elevation. But, is there any option to import, or make material, the related Satellite Imagery upon terrain? If software didn't has this important option, then please update Chief compatibility with GIS data; to connect house designing with real world ground.
  7. OK for the answers, Glenn & Chopsaw. Will use them. What we have discussed here, most of it would not be in any manual, forum, or help videos. That's why I asked here. The software is made mostly for Wooden & Sheeting construction, with Pitched Roof & Trusses & their material quantities. While, in our areas, 99% construction is with RCC frame structure, with brick and flat roof. Molding the software to our environment is my personal to my community issue. I want maximum of whole building design & documentation with Chief alone. For this mission, I have to discuss more topics here. Hope, I always be helped, as this time.
  8. Solved ! Thanks for suggestions and given time; Michael, Glenn, (person from Canada), Justmejerry, & Chopsaw. Specially, Michael work helped me. It was my first ever post to Chieftalk. My problem had been, I wasn't be able to place Material Region inside of finish layer of the Wall. Now I understand that MR gets snap to any finish layer inside or outside of Wall. Yet, 1. MR specifications is not giving us its height location upon the wall. So I cannot put 2 feet, 4 feet height from floor etc. Also, no vertical thickness size from keyboard input. If there is any, do please inform me. 2. Which particular object I can draw to convert to MR? 3. MR can also be other than boxed shape, like round or custom molding shape?
  9. What I can get from a Material Region approach is in attached images. A 2 inch one layer MR, with Open Material. Tried also with 2 layers, one Open and second Black color material, also did not put the effect as shown in the image. No recessed effect yet. Need also to have desired color in this groove.
  10. Thanks for the reply, Alaskan. I have tried what you have suggested. But a material region cannot be placed inside a wall edge, to get a cut/groove/trim effect. And applying an open material, it is giving just a shadow effect, not a trim/cut effect. May be I am not understanding what you talking about.
  11. Hi there, Please guide me, how to make inside/recessed molding for making groove in wall/plaster using Chief. This should be without creating additional objects upon the wall, just want to have cuts in wall. Regards