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  1. Following! Definitely interested in a macro list. Will it include R.O. values?
  2. You can find the toggle for "casing stops move" under Defaults--> Plan
  3. What is typically included in a full CAD set for a home? I have a client who purchased the CAD file from me and I sent out dwgs for the main floor, foundation and roof. Should I also do elevation views etc? Or ask if they want the 3D dwg? I'm not a AC user, so I'm not sure what is standard.
  4. I'm trying to export some CAD details I created as a .dwg so my client can offer them on his product website. I place my library block on a blank plan page and export the "current view" as a .dwg, then I import that saved file into a new plan and it shows up skewed. The text doesn't all line up with the CAD correctly, the text boxes that have fill are black (I could work around that) and some items retain the color but others do not. Any suggestions on why this happens? I could live with the color issue, but I need the text to look right! Pictured is the .dwg import on the left and my library block it was created from on the right. I basically use Chief's suggestions on the export wizard, is there some setting I'm not getting right? I don't work a whole lot with dwg so any help is appreciated!
  5. ****Edit - 9/17/19 I have received quite a few responses at this time - THANK YOU! I will be going through those and contacting those I think might be a fit. ******* I have a residential design business creating custom home plans and remodeling concepts/plans in West Michigan. I am looking for a designer / drafter proficient in Chief Architect X11 to help with the overall work load. If the initial job goes well this could be an ongoing business relationship. Attention to detail and a good knowledge of standard residential building practices is necessary. The scope of work is varied, from creating CAD library details, to drawing concept plans for remodeling, to working on custom homes. If interested, please contact me: Holly Andrews, holly@designbyelements.com I'd like to see a pdf example of a full set of drawings you have done, to know if you have an area of specialty, and your hourly rate. Any other information you think would be helpful. Thank you!
  6. Any further comments on using Chief on a Surface? I'm considering moving to a Surface, possibly even a surface book. I'd love to hear what you love and what you hate about it. Thanks!
  7. I have a full foundation basement structure and am adding a main level monolithic slab addition. Whenever I connect the new "slab footings" to the existing house, the full foundation walls that it touches disappear down to just the footings. Pull the slab footings away and they reappear. I've never been able to make this work correctly in any plan. Am I missing some specification?? 7-7-2016 Proposed.plan
  8. Wow, that Lumion 3D is pretty amazing from the short video I saw. I'll have to look more into that. Not for Mac though?
  9. Thanks for all the really good imput! I'm also interested in the spell check quirk, Eric. I have a builder that likes all the notes in caps. Warren and Scott, what do you think makes the trackpad great for designing? I'm assuming you use it in place of your mouse? Is there a learning curve for the "pressure" clicking?
  10. Thanks for your reply, especially regarding sharing files. That is one thing I'm looking at, having 2 machines, and my current one is a PC. Is the font issue the only thing you've found? And are there certain fonts that you have found to work correctly or is it just a plan by plan might work, might not? I'm just wondering if there is a easy way around it or would I be adding extra steps and headaches. Also with the monitors, the Thunderbolt is for any extra monitors or just the Apple brand monitors? Thanks again!
  11. I have been running chief on a PC for the last 8 years and I'm considering switching to a Mac. I love how apple products just work and have had great success with iPhone and iPad. Anyone currently use a MAC for Chief or have in the past that could give me some pros and cons?