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  1. When I create a glass shower wall type and then insert a glass shower door, my ray tracing is showing much higher reflectivity than the glass wall. I've copied the material from the wall to the door to make sure everything is identical (confirmed in material properties). Both are set to 1/2" (however when viewed overhead the wall looks like it's razor thin). Any insight into this phenomena?
  2. Have been working on a floor plan that I want to provide to our architect in order to save him some time on the initial layout and dimensions. What's the best way to go about this? I know I want to export to DWG, but how do I do so in a way that's most useful and doesn't export a lot of unnecessary information? Is there a preconfigured set that's great for this, or what layers should I make visible at a minimum prior to the export? For reference I'm using v9. Thanks in advance.
  3. Built at 8:12 roof for the entire house and now want to go back and make the gable wall on the roof over the garage to 10:12 to increase space over the garage. However, the pitch option for the gable wall is grayed out. I noticed in one of the training videos it cited selecting both of the gabled walls before going into the wall specification to change the pitch but in my case this is just a one-off wall on the front of the house being gabled. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. Thanks, and yea, I understand that the additional overhead floor framing is causing the problem, but not how to solve it. Do I raise the rest of the house up a little, or lower the garage first level down a little? Are either appropriate actions in order to maintain contiguous roof/gutter lines?
  5. I'm looking to create a bonus over the garage in a single-level home but do so in a way that doesn't skew the existing roof/gutter lines. In the design's present state all the roof lines and gutters are uniform, but as soon as I add a very short second level and delete the auto-generated walls apart from those that surround the garage I'm presented with a gap in the roof lines where the garage's roof sits slightly higher. I understand the additional framing for the floor above is causing this but is there a way to prevent it? Since the garage ceiling is already a little taller anyway due to the rest of the house being on a crawl I'm not against even lowering the ceiling in the garage slightly if that's an appropriate action, but trying to plug in the right values to make it work is hurting my head a little. Any guidance?