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  1. Just wondering if your think X8 is stable enough to install? Understand Chief are working on issues as they arise, but I'd rather wait if its not quite cooked.
  2. Hi Have upgraded to x7 and surface book. Got most things sorted now but when I select Fill Window command from tool bar only half of the layout is shown in window and the rest is off screen. The other half just shows blank background. Any Ideas on what I have wrong?
  3. thanks, did as suggested, used NVIDIA control panel to set Chief and always dGPU​
  4. Hi Twas time to upgrade to chief x7 (from X4)- yep I'm slow... so I took the opportunity to upgrade my pc to a Microsoft Surface Book i7 with dedicated Nvidia GPU. Been running for years on an old desktop with Quad core Q6600 and a Nvidia GTX 460 graphics card. Don't do heaps of 3D so the old system has lasted well. On the new Surface Book everything installed without a hitch but when I look at the About tab in Chief it says its using the internal Intel GPU and not the faster dedicated Nvidia GPU. I have loaded all current updates etc for Windows 10 and surface book firmware. Any ideas why chief only reports the Intel 520 graphics GPU?