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  1. That model was created in X10. The problem was in the foundation wall brick veneer. I removed the brick layer on the foundation wall, then added it as a poly-solid and it fixed the issue. Thanks for trying to help.
  2. Sapp 1 Addition AS PLAN UPLOADED HERE.
  3. I had this same issue a little while ago.... (posted here) and got no responses. Still having this issue...and it bugs me to no end. What is happening UNDER the bow window on the exterior? The interior looks right. There is a seat, Chief fills in the space under the seat with interior wall material and baseboard. However, on the exterior Chief does whatever it's doing underneath the bow.
  4. IN ANY CASE.... When I have a camera there a "make this PBR view" tool? Or am I just saving a JPG of the display?
  5. Perhaps that is what confused me...because in the Chief Demo video I watched, as she talked and changed settings (lighting, exposure etc) in the camera setting with the view open, it changed live.
  6. Thanks. Should I see something change in my display immediately? Because, that's not happening. OR, is there a "make final PBR" type tool?
  7. Pretty sure I did that right. This is the ACTIVE CAMERA settings: And, right now, my PBR settings are the default. If I toggle back and forth from standard to PBR with the view open, I see nothing change. I can see obvious changes when I go to vector view, glass house etc. But I see no difference with standard & PBR.
  8. I am not understanding...and I have to be missing something somewhere. But, I see no difference between my standard camera and PBR camera. There is no light (I have lights in the view). There is no sun. When I adjust the PBR view technique settings, I see no difference. Totally missing something somewhere....probably something that I have set as a default that I am not thinking about.
  9. I used to use the "Final View" tool for quick images...and I had been happy with that. Is there something I need to do to process/activate a PBR after I set the camera defaults? Because when I open the camera view that is designated PBR, it doesn't look any different than a standard render/camera view. I am watching this video right now: Hopefully it will help.... edit.... after I watched that video clip. I still see no difference, not even when I adjust Camera Exposure. I must be missing something. My PBR camera view looks just like a standard camera view
  10. Thank you. I hadn't noticed that option in the camera settings.
  11. Forgive me for my ignorance. I have been using Chief since 1997. What is PBR? Is PBR something that Chief does now in addition to raytrace? Or do I need additional software? I know the raytrace tool is still in Chief but I rarely use it anymore because I find it too frustrating. I have been thoroughly disappointed with Chief's ray-tracing since X9.
  12. Creating a BOW WINDOW. I can do it manually, but am I missing something in using the bow window tool? Bay windows seem to work alright most of the time. The interior looks OK. The exterior has wall structure extending below the seat/sill on the exterior at the outer edges of the bow. And, why can we STILL not copy/paste bay and bow windows?
  13. Well, I'm glad I didn't miss anything.
  14. Is there a default setting that dictates how far the deck joists are cantilevered over the deck beam? I can edit the post offset from the ends of the beam. But Where do I set the beam placement from the deck edge? Other than moving the deck beam after it's framed (which is what I've been doing for the last 20 years)...can I set the deck-framing defaults such that the joists do not cantilever over the deck-beam...or cantilever more?
  15. Oh...never-mind. I found it in DEFAULT settings. Not in Layers.
  16. What are these reference points? I realize they are radial point indicators for CAD radius. What layer are they on? I want to turn them off. Thanks.
  17. Rob. It's for an, I model it the way it IS, not the way it should be.
  18. The attached image shows the front wall as a pony wall aligned on the inner surface. I am using Chief's standard wall types. (2x4 with vinyl upper and brick lower). The side wall is brick and it is not generating the outside corner properly. I can see the wall sheathing on the upper and the brick doesn't make a corner. It does it properly when the side wall is siding. Any thoughts on why it's not connecting the outside corner right?
  19. NOW, I found it... I checked BOTH boxes and now my vector views look the way I want them to.
  20. This setting is found in X8, but I can't find the options for the SURFACE EDGE LINES in X9 or X10.
  21. This has bugged me since X9 was released. I like the way X8 did it, but I do not like X9 or X10. In a vector (section or camera) view, X8 would show black outlines on surfaces. X9 and X10 do not. In X9 and X10, all of my vector views just look very white-washed and surface edges are not easily is difficult to see the outline of anything (cabinet doors, fixtures, walls...anything) because I do not see those lines. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Is this a feature in 3D settings that I can turn on or off? Thanks.
  22. I designed a house for a client in Wilmington NC. He is asking for me to find a designer/builder in the Asheville NC area for his elderly sister who wants to build an addition. He would prefer someone on-site so that they can walk her through the design-build process. Is there anyone near Asheville NC? Specifically, she is in Sylva NC. Send me a message or email direct to me. Thanks