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  1. Here you go Revit file converted to .OBJ


  2. If doing this type of tile layout, it needs to be bookend porcelain panels to vein match the pattern. Cost gets very high to go that route. Still, too much going with the hot fudge, vanilla look.
  3. SNYDER KITCHEN - ADDITION A.plan Tom Chief Architect X12 Windows 10 Pro Lenovo ThinkCenter 16gb RAM i7-770 CPU @ 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030/PCIe/SSE2 SNYDER KITCHEN - ADDITION A.plan
  4. toomqr1


    Thanks. I thought it may be a printer memory issue, but that is not it. I've been doing the same with printing to PDF and then hard print. Guess I'll have to do it that way. Tom Chief Architect X12 Windows 10 Pro Lenovo ThinkCenter 16gb RAM i7-770 CPU @ 3.60GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030/PCIe/SSE2
  5. Would anyone know why this is happening? I have taken the cabinet out, put one in with no Dishwasher, checked options, turned backsplash on and off and on again and it always has the tile running into the window. Thank you for any help with this.
  6. toomqr1


    When i print floor plans in X12, nothing shows up except the vanity. I've checked my printer drivers and all up to date. Uninstalled the printer and reinstalled. No issues with X11 Other people who are printing from X12 are having no issues. I will try to print to home printer to see if it does the same. Thanks for any help.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a model of a Delta or Moen tub/shower cover plate? Looked on 3D Warehouse with no luck I have some partial remodels from time to time where clients keep the acrylic tubs and just change out the faucet from 3 handle to single control and this plate works to cover the area. Thanks.
  8. Not sure if this would help. Here is one I did for my kitchen. Custom mod it to hold a 21" Sony Tap 21, is why a monitor is on the arm. Monitor and Arm.calibz
  9. Shower Doors or a better way to create/mod a shower door with something like cabinet attributes. A real pain to design since all my bathroom projects are different. Have a folder of many that I have created, but still even have to modify to some degree based on layout/size and it is cumbersome. I have created an extensive kohler library separated by collection over the years. If I know how to take it and add it here for use, I would. Also would like to see Delta, Moen, Am Standard, etc. Not a whole lot to even import with those mfg's. Appliances like GE, Wpool, KA, etc. Progress lighting, Kichler, Maxim, Hampton Bay, Seagull. Amerock, Belwith Keeler.