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  1. I used 2" rigid insulation under 1 x 2 , along with a vertical piece with pitch cut , then foamed all the cracks - insulation is only good as the dead air that it occupies - drive around on a cold wintry day and see how many houses have ice cycles hanging - you won't find them on our house - 

  2. I'm not very good at this - after you define your shower - go to room defaults - structure - edit floor finish to what your sub base will be (thinset ,etc ) + thickness (like 1" thinset).

    Now you can use the polyslab set to the thickness of your tile 1/4", 3/8" or what ever - change the material to what your main tile is - set the bottom of the slab to what the thickness

    of your substrate (1") so the top of the slab will be 1 1/4" to the top if you use 1/4" tile - adjust to the perimeter minus your 3/4" - now do the same thing for the perimeter and use the penny tiles - draw 4 rectangles for the perimeter - confused?

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