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  1. Hi, My name is Michael, I'm a building contractor in need of start to finish drawings to be summited to codes for several up coming remodels.
  2. Residential General Contractor..25+yrs.

  3. Hi, I'm needing a Architect or Draftsperson to create a set of drawings for a project I'm doing in my home. My engineer wants me to e-mail the finished set to him to review and stamp. Learning this program is taking a lot of time and I'm having difficulty understanding how it all works. Can you help?

    1. jbaehmer


      Yes, I can.  Please feel free to contact me at the info below with drawing or questions.  Thanks.

      Jared Baehmer

      Cornerstone Home Designs



    2. BluesArch


      I can help! I have done this multiple times as a residential architect. I have also been employed as a commercial architect for many years.

      I'll attach a portfolio of mine with a small fraction of work I've done.

      Thanks, Scott A. Harrison

      Give me a call after verifying here soo I know your area code.

      SCOTT'S PORTFOLIORevised.pdf