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Flexible number of door units on bifold doors

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It is common, here in Australia at least, for large bifold door openings to be configured with a broad range of door units per opening. In my case, for example, I will be using external aluminium bifold doors in an opening of 2640 mm wide, but the configuration will include three door units in that opening and all three units will fold against each other, with either the left or right-most unit opening first and containing the lock and door handle (it will be something like the attached photo). How do I show this in CA?




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It's common here in NZ too.


The way I would work around your problem would be:

  • create the bifold unit out of 3 single hinged doors, (adjust the swing of the hinged panel so that in plan view the doors appear closed.)
  • set their location and orientation so that in elevation the opening indicators represent correctly.
  • back in the plan view draw a filled CAD rectangle and mask the door unit and use a CAD representation as an overlay to give you the correct presentation in the plan view.

Windows and door development has been fairly glacial over the years, it would be great to have the flexibility to specify a particular door combination for bi-folds as you're indicating.

Other wish list items:

-sliding door panel direction indicators in plan/elevation views

-hinge panel doors (glazed) with parametric intermediate transoms to control relative position within the panel

-sliding doors that can slide over wall panels

-multiply opening sash types within an individual sash (aka, uPVC type window joinery)

-curtain wall

-any window spanning multiply levels to show on the relevant floors.

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I use a slight variation on steves method. I show the doors with the required number of leaves on the layer doors then I have a cad overlay of the exact configeration on layer doors 02 , then it is quite easy by turning layers on or off to show the desired outcome.

HOWEVER THIS IS A WORK-AROUND!!  CA needs to give us better doors, and windows for that matter, to allow for all the regional variations.

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