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Hey folks,


Completely new to Chief Architect products but was talking into buying Interiors by a couple people who have used these products.

My goal right now is just to design a finished basement.  Currently the basement is just poured concrete walls, and i'm not finishing all of it.  I have the dimensions of the areas I want to finish, so I'm curious how to go forward in the software, specifically in terms of the walls.  I don't care about exterior walls or any exterior dimensions because of the scope of the project.  All I have are interior dimensions.  So should I start with exterior walls anyway and then plug in interior walls to get the best results for usable interior space and measurements?  

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Yes, measure the interior of the exterior walls.  You can draw new interior walls close to the exterior and then using the

temporary dimensions set the distance from the interior to the exterior to zero. The interior wall will snap up against

the exterior and when you put in windows an opening will be created between both walls.  I sometime will mix wall

types.  Using conventional framing in some areas and In-So-Fast walls in others.  This is good especially where

space is limited. You will need to make a new wall type for them.  Google In-So-Fast for videos on those walls.

There are lots of them.  Always start with the existing then save a copy to a new name to start your design.


FYI - if this is being done for others and permitting you need to know about fire blocking in a lot of areas of the country!


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