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I'm Back! With more questions!

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So after reading and learning and reading and learning and what have you, I have started over with my as built plan.


Following the split level structure directions, as well as reading the reference manual (which send you to the split level structure directions), I have rebuild my home and foundation. I racked my brain a hundred times trying to figure out why the distances between my floor was changing.  It turns out when doing a split level structure with a garage, leaving the garage at 0" and moving the first floor to 84 1/4" works all nice nice until you add the foundation, which for some reason drops the garage floor to -19.5."  That threw me off for quite some time until I caught it.  So I had to move my FF to 62.5" to get the distance between that and the garage correct.  And the Basement just fell into place after that.


Now the basement level is on floor 0.  Main level is on Floor 1.


So now, my question, how do I get rid of this gap between the garage and the house.

And yes, i know that the FF overhangs into the garage by 4.5"  That's how it is in real life.


Thanks in Advance!





Untitled 3.plan

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