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  1. HighwayMan55's post in Closet Conundrum was marked as the answer   
    Thank you Robert,
    I did what you suggested, but the problem that created was it took the  from the basement underneath and rose it to the foyer level.
    I did get it to work, and here's how I did it:
    I started out by removing the wall adjoining the closet and foyer, making the closet area Open Below. 
    I created a new landing on the basement level, and placed it at the same height of the landing.
    I then went back to the first floor and redrew the adjoining wall.  
    I went into the elevation view facing the adjoining wall from the foyer side, clicked on it and used the grip to drag it to the foyer landing.
    And viola a closet on the landing!
    I could have also just extended the foyer landing into the closet space, but the closet has a different floor covering than the landing, so I had to create a separate landing to make that work.
    Then I went and deleted it all because I discovered other issues that need to get resolved first....