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  1. Hello, Chief Architect X7. Making some custom vending machine type objects, and I want to place a custom material on just the front face of the polyline solid, leaving the other three alone. When I go into the 3D menu and select the component painter, it always gives me the regular material painter, and it puts the graphic on all 4 sides. Thanks!
  2. Good Morning All, I have been working on my roof, and when I lowered the roof for the foyer, it removed the wall behind it. I cannot seem to figure out how to build that wall. I tried drawing a wall across it, but it just blocks off the foyer! Also, I have been trying to put a gable roof over the front window. I followed the instructions in the user manual, pressing the Gable over Door/Window button, but that only works when you automatically rebuild the roofs. I drew all my roof lines manually, when doing an auto rebuild, it messes it all up! Current plan: Here's what it actually looks like: Outside: Inside looking at foyer: OurHouseV3-1.plan
  3. rlackore, thank you very much for that, it worked wonderfully! DJP, There is a lesson to be learned here!
  4. So the other day my computer was bogging down and the program was lagging ans I was clicking aimlessly in fury and the mouse clicked on the eyedropper and ended up making a bunch of stuff drywall that wasn't drywall. Anyways, it wasn't until today I realized that I had gotten the CMU block pony wall in the basement as well. In the photo you can see the one side of the CMU wall is drywall. I tried to use the paint and make it CMU again, but ti covered all the walls in the basement. I basically don't know how to put it back to the default material. When you go into the wall settings, it shows it as CMU block. OurHouseV3.plan
  5. Thank you Robert, I did what you suggested, but the problem that created was it took the from the basement underneath and rose it to the foyer level. I did get it to work, and here's how I did it: I started out by removing the wall adjoining the closet and foyer, making the closet area Open Below. I created a new landing on the basement level, and placed it at the same height of the landing. I then went back to the first floor and redrew the adjoining wall. I went into the elevation view facing the adjoining wall from the foyer side, clicked on it and used the grip to drag it to the foyer landing. And viola a closet on the landing! I could have also just extended the foyer landing into the closet space, but the closet has a different floor covering than the landing, so I had to create a separate landing to make that work. Then I went and deleted it all because I discovered other issues that need to get resolved first....
  6. Brown Tiger, That would take my closet from the foyer level (which is 18") and put it back up to Floor 1 (which is 83.5"). That would fix the exterior, but then the foyer closet would not be accessible. In the photo posted below, you can see the closet in the foyer on the right. The room with the open door.
  7. Trying to put a closet in the split level entry on my as built home design (see area circled in first two photos). As per this post I have created my closet on the first floor, then changed the floor to match the elevation height of the landing. When I do this, the program seems to pull the exterior walls styles down from the First Floor over the basement pony walls exterior. How do I get it to not do that? This is the closet area in question: This photo is what the FF looks like before I change the closet floor elevation: This photo is what the FF looks like after I change the elevation: This photo shoes the basement after changing the closet elevation: OurHouseV2-1.plan
  8. Thank you! Just trying to bring more attention to myself I suppose, lol.
  9. Thanks David, My sincere apologies for the incomplete information. I had linked the work troublesome to a post that I have made previously about that same wall. And I assumed the photos showed the location clearly. It is the wall that goes between the foyer and the garage. It was the wall you deleted first thing. It does in fact belong there, LOL. There is a door there and a step down into the garage. Photo-1 below shows from the garage side looking towards the foyer, and Photo-2 shows from the top of the stairs. The doorway to the garage is on the left on the landing. I did follow the instructions as stated above for creating the split level entry, and I do get the stair and landing results as I want them. But every time I designate that room as to Open Below (before I get to the stairs and landing), that wall partially disappears. I followed your instructions about moving the wall polylines to close the gap, and that worked. Thank you very much. I was trying to figure out what I did wrong to cause the problem to begin with. In actuality I thought I had removed the landing before posting the plan. I did not want that to confuse anyone as it did not cause the problem. I will set this as solved, since moving the wall polylines did work for me, and I thank you again! Now, just for fun, since you were kind enough to fumble around with my plan, I'll explain the best I can about why things the way they are. The house is already built. I am doing an as built, so I am reproducing it as accurately as possible for future needs. My wife would like an addition in a year or two, and I think it would be great for us to be able to design what we want and see how it looks before we turn it over to an architect to design it. And I am sure an architect would appreciate knowing exactly what we're looking for and what he's working with. Also I can design our new deck and the patio my wife wants too. And I can always have an up-to-date drawing of our house! The second wall you deleted is a furred wall. The basement has CMU block 36" from the floor. On the interior of that is a 4" furred wall. Photo 3 shows this in the corner of the basement. As for he no ceiling in the basement. I think I accidentally changed something somewhere that states the floor trusses are not visible? I cannot find the setting, so I don't know. I have looked. But the basement currently has a ceiling finish of 0," so it will not show any drywall. I have not started on the basement yet other than the furred walls and foyer area. When the lower half of the interior garage wall did not change to interior 4 but stayed as exterior siding, I have no idea how that happened. That has to be a default somewhere and I have been fighting that since day 1. I have looked through the reference manual many times and I cannot find where that particular default is. No matter what I do, it doesn't change! Thank you again for the video, I am sorry that you even had to do it and guess. But I did learn from it and I did correct my problem because of it. Thank you.
  10. Good Morning Everyone, Once again, I am doing an as built on my house. I am attempting my foyer area which is a split level entry. I follow the instructions as detailed here. When I change the area to Open Below, the troublesome wall once again has issues. It partially disappears (see photos below). I did check to make sure it was aligned with the upper wall, and it is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! OurHouseV2.plan
  11. Thank you very much for the reply! I can't believe I missed the walls being misaligned, that was it, It was that easy. As for having different pony walls, that's because they are different in that area. I didn't design this house, I'm just trying to replicate it in drawing form. Thank you again!
  12. Thank you Gawdzira. Your solution shows that the walls were turned back into CMU Block stem walls, which they are not. They are pony walls. The basement walls are CMU Block with a 4" interior wall, 36" off the floor and a 2x4 exterior wall on top of that (except the front garage wall which is 2-2x4 walls together...). The top of the 36" block wall is same elevation as the top of the garage stem wall, which is 8" above 0. What I did find, is that one particular wall is somehow tied to my Garage stem wall. There is a break there, as that 4' portion is part of the basement. But when I increase the Garage's Stem Wall Top then that portion of the pony wall will show. In the attached photo, I changed the Garage's Stem Wall Top to 36" (the Garage floor is at 0"). How do I remove that association?
  13. Still working on getting the foundation stuff right. Now the upper portion of the pony wall between the garage and foyer disappears. It's there in the plan view, but not in any other view. Any ideas? Untitled 3.plan
  14. I do have it set in there too. The same problem persists.
  15. I have set my floor structure default to 2x10 joists in the Default Settings >> Framing >> Foundation >> Subfloor for Floor 1. In that same dbx, when I click on 1st, under Subfloor for Floor 2, Floor Structure is greyed out, and you can see it still says 12 5/8," the programs default floor structure. When I make my split level, then I add the foundation, then I turn that foundation into a room under Floor 1, it changes my Subfloor from my default subfloor to the programs default subfloor. Why?
  16. Hello, So after reading and learning and reading and learning and what have you, I have started over with my as built plan. Following the split level structure directions, as well as reading the reference manual (which send you to the split level structure directions), I have rebuild my home and foundation. I racked my brain a hundred times trying to figure out why the distances between my floor was changing. It turns out when doing a split level structure with a garage, leaving the garage at 0" and moving the first floor to 84 1/4" works all nice nice until you add the foundation, which for some reason drops the garage floor to -19.5." That threw me off for quite some time until I caught it. So I had to move my FF to 62.5" to get the distance between that and the garage correct. And the Basement just fell into place after that. Now the basement level is on floor 0. Main level is on Floor 1. So now, my question, how do I get rid of this gap between the garage and the house. And yes, i know that the FF overhangs into the garage by 4.5" That's how it is in real life. Thanks in Advance! Untitled 3.plan
  17. David, I do not think you were harsh. I took it as constructive criticism and looked over what I had done, how I had done it, glanced at the reference manual and back again at the articles and forums of which I took direction from and realized that I rushed and went right into something more complicated than your average ranch style house. Along my short journey I missed some steps and did things wrong. When I started, I knew nothing about the program. So I have decided to start over. And I think that's a good thing. Because I have not been happy with how the foundation turned out, as I know that's not what my foundation actually looks like. I see I missed some steps when building the initial foundation. I know a lot more about defaults now, and how the program works as a whole. And you can't build without a good foundation, be it a house or knowledge. But, for what it's worth, I'm not really the type of person that can thoroughly study a 1200 page manual, lol.
  18. Thank you David, I am learning, and I am learning using my house as my design. I have followed the guidelines from this article: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00932/creating-a-split-level-structure.html on building a split level house to get the garage where it is. The -75 1/2 is relative to the finished first floor, not the foyer entry. And then this article: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00587/creating-a-split-level-entry.html to build the split level landing. And of course help from the users on this forum!
  19. Hello All, Once again I am back to doing the as built design of my house. For some reason, it doesn't like the corners in a couple different areas. First we'll start with the Foyer/Garage section. In the foyer it seems part of the corner is missing, and in the garage, well it gets really interesting. Part of the wall is missing, and there is siding showing through and around the corner. I am drawing this as built, so there is a little 1 1/2" bump over in the garage, don't know why. Thank you! OurHouse.plan
  20. There is a 1" overlap of the top floor over the bottom floor, that's why they aren't aligned. I am doing a as built drawing of my house, and that's how its built for some reason.
  21. I just went with the polyline solid. I do have the riser surface at the top landing checked already. I attempted Joe, but I was unable to without missing up other walls. I've come to the conclusion that will not be able to "properly" recreate the way the house was built. But I can come close. Thank you all.